Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It was baby Ivy's birthday :)
She is very naughty, wild but cute :)

Her mom held a birthday party at her house.

there she was :)
looking pretty :)

nah, this is my babyboy.
Quite independent, can barbeque on his own :D

he was trying to stuck the sausage in.
he asked for my help but I said no :P
so he was trying to make this out very seriously :D

yay, then barbequeee :)

I am jealous! because she has huge and pretty eyes ;D

shocking face of my brother x) hahahaha!

and then, he posed!

Baby Rainie came after a while.
Ah, she is quiet and sweet :)

see, she posed a peace with me :D

And, I just couldn't stop smiling looking at her :)

Barbeque with daddy :)

Before leaving, this was the last picture that I had taken of baby rainie.

she is just too sweet, especially when she smiles at you :)

Who don't love kids?
they are just simply cute and adorable.

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