Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I finally have nothing to blog about. hahaha!

So, I decided to share some of my old pictures with you guys.
And, I miss my childhood, really.

At that time, I didn't need to frown over anything.
I didn't need to worry about things getting worse.

Of course, I still don't need to worry much about things at this age.
hahahahaha, but being a kid is really fun.

wahahaha, took this on my 2 years old birthday.
I looked so nerdy and boyish.
Papa cut the fringe for me. -,-

how could I don't miss my childhood?

Aunty tied the hair for me.
It looked so funny. x)

Hahahahaha, my piano don't know which grade graduation.
I gave up on piano.
I was too bad in that.

6S :)

wahahaha, I was like soooo quiet when I was in primary school.
I asked people to keep quiet when they disturbed me in class.
And now, I am the one who disturbs the class. haha!
Things change.

Form 1.
Still very guai but I talked a lot with celine in class.

Form 2.
I got so fat suddenly, started to join my buddies.

Form 3.
My fatness got a little better but was still very fat. :P haha!
At that time I was still very hardworking studying, unlike now.

Form 4.
Started to become very lazy, very very lazy.

and now, I am Form 5.

Time flies.
I really wish that I could go back to my past time and never grow old.
hahaha, dream on, it's impossible.

Do anyone watch 第二回合我爱你 on astro shx now?
I don't know what is the time.
The story is about someone who regrets doing something and ridiculously,
he can go back to his past by pressing CTRL Z (which means UNDO) on the mirror screen.
Siao one, it's not possible.

So, I should look forward and create a better future for myself.
Nah, can I? I don't think so.
because I am ruining my life now.

But, I am glad that I have a bunch of buddies and girlfriends by my side :)
At least I have a life with them around. :)

By the way,

Till then, have a great day.

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