Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inception the Amazement

Watched Inception with my girls today :)
Awww, I could just say that Inception is awesome, amazing and cool!
Although I didn't understand some of the parts.

Dreams of Dreams.

How creative :)

I am going to watch for the second time for sure.
Because I want to fully understand the story :P lol
sorry lah because I am very weak in understanding.
Especially to chio movie like this.

what a nice movie :)

Next, SALT! :D

I love movies :D

Friday, July 30, 2010


I just don't understand why they could oppress someone in such a way.
Don't they find themselves stupid/ evil/ awful/ terrible/ foolish/ dumb?

How Pathetic.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sorcerer's Apprentice

is amazing, cool, cute and it's just awesome! :D

It's something worth watching, especially for those who hate physics.
I don't know whether the physics concept in the movie is right or it's just some sort of magical thingy, I finally learn to appreciate the beauty of physics. hahahaha!
(Yes, I do learn phyiscs but I actually know nothing about physics, so excuse me) :P  

It sounds weird for me to say that I like physics.
I don't like, just I don't hate it that much anymore.

Go go go go watch it :D hahaha!

But, if you find it very boring or what don't blame me. hahaha, everyone has different opinions.

Cute Dave and Becky :)

I also want to watch Inception and Despicable Me very much!
But I heard that Inception is very hard to be understood. -,- I heard lah.

* * *

Me in school today was super sleepy.
I slept like for almost every period except for BI and Add Maths.

I wouldn't sleep during add maths class because I love the teacher ;) hehe!
I couldn't sleep during bi class because that ugh teacher woke me up -,-
and she said: you had a good nap huh, and you talked in your dream or nap something like that.

I think she will give me a not so good testimonial when I graduate. hahaha!

Rescue me from this boring life!  

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sleepyhead, still

I am still a sleepyhead.

Planned to study chinese yesterday midnight but I fell asleep. :(
I thought I would wake up late in the night like twelve, or maybe one am.

Who knew, when I woke up this morning, I missed my aunty's car ISH!
Luckily mom was there to fetch me to school :P hahaha!

I thought I would not oversleep already after so many times of oversleeping.
But, sleepyhead is still a sleepyhead, never change. -,-

Can someone introduce me some kind of magical alarm clock which can really wake a sleep pig? 
I can't find any.

* * * 

In school, nothing much happened. 
As usual, was a boring school day.
Almost everyone was doing add maths in class, but not me. 
I was loitering around from seats to seats, taking pictures and distracting people. hahaha! 

And, stupid discipline board carried out a hair-spot-check today. 
LOL! I knew we have many new botak heads. hahahaha!
It is just like when I was in primary school where all the guys were in botak heads. 

During recess, suddenly renlin came to find bk to ask him shave his hair too! 
Oh My Gosh, his head is already very small. He needs hair to make his head huge.  
hahahaha, couldn't imagine if he is in botak head. he'll be looking very funny, like a kid.

Anyway, I didn't object in this matter.
Is his hair, he can cut it if he likes it. :) hahahaha!

* * *

Does anyone notice some Unidentified Flying Object, or known as UFO in the sky recently?
I'm getting a little curious about it. *-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bon Odori

I went to Bon Odori for the very first time this year.
And, I memang cannot stand the crowd!

When you look at this picture, it seems like okay. But when you got down there, oh I didn't know how would you feel but I felt like gasping for oxygen.

I got nothing to do there seriously. ><
I went to the food area, I love japanese food the most already (except for sashimi :P),
I saw super crowdy queue at every stall.
Instantly, I told my sister "ah, I am full liao. Don't want to eat already."

I only managed to take this FEW pictures there because the people who cut my queue made me a little PMS ;P hahahaha!

I heard that other people had fun there!

Owh, I think I missed the fun since I went there pretty late.
I couldn't even find a friend because maxis also complaint of too many people :P hahaha!
Gah, I am just being lame.

maybe I went with the wrong person! hahahahahahaha.
Joining this kind of event with friends would be much more enjoyable,
I suppose.

Haha, I hope that somebody will tell me how fun Bon Odori is so that I will go again next time to join the fun!

* * * * *

School today was okay.
Someone made me sad, cheh!
But my buddies made me so happy :)

We discussed about places which we can go after spm.
It's time for holidays!!!!!! I can't wait for spm to come, and go of course. hehe.

Had one paper in the morning - Physics. Damn I hate it.
 Yet, I didn't regret studying in science stream because my friends are mostly there :P  

So, I wonder what is my future going to be. I hate science, dislike account and don't have any talent in art. 
My mum says then I better stop studying and go work for her. Ish, I tak mau jadi pengemis nanti. ;( she obviously looks down on me cheh. 
Anyway, might be going for some A-level stuffs. Hmmm. 
And I believe that life later will be much tougher. Oh I hate it. 

Should appreciate my high school life now :)  

Monday, July 26, 2010

M'sia International Toys Fair

Decided to accompany my sister and her friend to midvalley to visit the Malaysia International Toys Fair.
Hahahahaha, honestly I don't know much about toys, because I don't really like them. Lol :P
Took a ktm there, sigh* waited for so long still hadn't come.
Our country's public transportation system is too "good" -,-

Klang, the crow town.

Tututututututu, slowly tutu until midvalley -,-

Having lunch :)
Yum yum, I had japanese cuisine at the food junction there.
my favourite :D

well, toys time

Art is always so beautiful

cute toy :)

after painted

cute little thingy!

Ah Boon the cat looks a little like you :P

Toy Storyyyyyy :D

Me with buzzer!
buzz buzz - - -


I love this stall the most :D
there are cute things inside!

with one of them awwww, I want one!

eesh, I don't like these kind the most :P

cute brick bears :)

and this too!

yeee, so cute bag :P hahahaha!

It's called the To-Fu Oyako!

Cosplay contestants
*death note*

went back to dooodolls again ♥
cute laptop decoration :D

and more fluffy stuffs!


DOOOODOLLS, so cute ♥

more cosplay participants
*vampire night* I think so ><

They were selling colour lenses too, there were abundant of them! hahaha.

ew, me don't like! :P

cosplay :

Doooodolls again hahahahahaha!


Lol, my face was not at the right place! :x

I am loving this :)
me, pamela and my sissy. :P

I got bored of being at the fair, so went to something like wedding fair beside the toys fair ;)
This one I likey! because everything just looked so awesome, nice, and romantic. ♥♥♥

when we first walked in, the staffs from lence ladies academy gave us a talk so that we would consider to join their group lol!

I thought it was all about gowns, pictures ... but look!
Oh my gosh, this looked toooo yummy already, my super favourite.
And they were very generous to put lots of fruit on top, unlike those kiam siap one not nice one ;P
we bought six! and they were yummilicious!  

Mostly couples came here. I felt like a fish out of water with my sister loitering inside.

Wedding gowns, any women don't long for a perfect wedding?

Red Gorgeous :)

After all the "wow look, this is awesome!", "waaaaa see this gown is sooo damn nice!", "ohmygosh the wedding pictures are just looking way toooooooooo romantic!", we went to the nutrition carvinal on the other side. hahahaha!

here, was a different thing.
It was all FOOD! healthy food :D wah super nice.
This was the second nicest after wedding fair.


YAKULT, but I personally prefer vitagen because yakult is very kiam siap :P

even Gardenia breads looked high class here x)

Hmm, I wondered why maggi was there.
It isn't good for health lor. -,-

Nestle, no longer my favourite. hahaha!
people grow up :)

It was about 3pm already.
Gosh, must quickly get home to study add the bloody hell maths.
we walked to The Gardens because sister wanted to look for a storybook, and I forgotten its name. haha.

@ The Borders

please lah, antibooks! :P

promovie! :D
Don't you think these look more attractive than books?
sorry, but I really hate books. >< unless you give me a super interesting book then maybe i'll consider to start reading :)  

Took a ktm home, took me two hours time.
Ughhhhhh -,-
Annoying public transportation.

I love to hang out! :D