Tuesday, July 13, 2010

School Canteen Day

School held a canteen day.
I was so happy because we had lots of freedom! hahahahaha :)
This was my favourite of all - Grape chocolate!!!!!
But I preferred marshmallow :P hahahaha!
I think KRS did that every year.

had nothing to do after all the eating, so I helped en to promote hold the advertisement board.

Me and Bing! Svenja and Ruiyun on the other side :)

Tracy and Eric hahahaha eric was very busy eating.

That day was jiawei's birthday!
He was helping out at maths club's stall I think.

There he was.

Looking pro.

This was a better one because he smiled. hahahaha.

K popcorn ready! Who tried that? En told me it was delicious! :D

Wow, thuan song really looked like a hawker in this picture.
somemore he is so tall. LOL.

St.John stall! hahahaha, the drinks were very nice :) I tasted one of them.
Good job.

I was sitting near the dewan.
Woah, so many people queued for the rumah hantu.
Although it was my last chance to enter, I still didn't want to go in.
First, so many people!!! Second, honestly I was scared! :P hahahahaha!
I wouldn't pay to scare myself.


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