Monday, July 19, 2010

Sumiko's birthday

It was sumiko's birthday and her husband planned a little surprise birthday celebration for her at Kenny's Roger.
Expected, she was surprised! hahahahaha :)
see, I did it well :P *Iamjustjokingokay!

She was making wishes

Blowing the candles off

cutting lavender blueberry cheese cake! yumyum!

Complaining that the candles were too much for her! hahaha 

Little presents from her students

Lastly, a group picture.
from left, matthew, dayu, sumiko, xinnee, shuping and si en :)

take 2
well, too bad cindy and her sister couldn't make it that night and shu min went back early.
lucky for her, she doesn't like cheese. haha!

Happy Birthday :)

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