Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am not foolish.

You don't think that you are so clever because you have done secret sins behind me successfully. You thought i don't know about it ? you're wrong then. I knew. I knew. I just pretend not to know.

I try to bear with your attitude because i don't want to start an argument. And, i respect you . so can you please behave yourself well too ?

Urgh. Your attitude really piss me offfffffffffffffffff. =@

Three 'years' time to go.

Three more days to go. To be precise, three days and a half to go. =( Owh, this three days will be the longest period in my life, one day will be equal to one year. so? three days, three years.

It's soooo long =(

People start to wish us good luck. But, please don't. I appreciate your greetings but this will make me feel a little pressure. xD I don't hope to get anything back from there. So, just relaxxxxx =) Anyway, trying my best is a MUST. I try not to disappoint everybody but "YOU" are exceptional. You know who are "YOU" .


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I love the Rain.

Hahahahahahahahahaha =)

The rain washes the heavyhearted of mine.

Rain washes the shadow of the unwanted people -

Things start all over again after the rain.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the stupid one.

hey hey. Let me introduce the stupidest person - SP --------- =(

She's so stupid that she turns everything upside down and make herself suffer.

She's so stupid that she doesn't know how to make this better.

She's so stupid that she doesn't know how to control her feelings.

She's so stupid that she is always discontented, and let her being so unhappy.

She's so stupid that she always lives underneath someone's scary shadow.

She's so stupid that she doesn't know how to think to the positive side eventhough the thing is not too bad actually.

She's so stupid that she doesn't know how to reject anything that she is unwilling to do.

She's so stupid that she cannot get every job done properly.

She's so stupid that she doesn't know how CRUEL is the REALITY. =(

everything is not under control ! urgh !!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I don't know how to smile.

I don't know how to accept all these shitsss. =(

I don't know how to talk to thosE shitTy people.

And i DON'T WANT to talk to YOU. and i hope i DON'T see you again. =)



Friday, April 24, 2009

welcome me. xD

haha. finally I am back again ! hmm, i was sick for the last few days. Haih, the bad flu tortured me a lot -.- luckily daddy bought me some medicine from the pharmacy and my condition is better already. =D hahaha. thanksie daddy !!!!!!!

Hmm, I seems to have a lot of things not complete yet. SO, i must get them done on time. T.T haih. I seriously dislike this kind of life. Busy and NO FUN. xD hahaha. Nevermind, tomorrow i will be hanging out with my lepak buddiesss !! =) hahaha. I am so looking forward. Hopefully tomorrow will be FUN and I miss them so much. =)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Laughs !


Today i laugh like a SP in the car after school. xD hahaa. thanks to my friends. =)

and not to forget, i smile a lot in school too. =) thanks to him. hahahaa.

huuuuuhaaaaaaa =o [[ it's right that i chose not to think too much ]] cheers everyone.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life's good.

=)))))))) hehehe !! xD i realize, if i think to the positive side, everything will be fine on the railway again. xD hahaha. although in reality it's not that good. =p haha.

hmm, these days nothing special happen. Everything is in peace. hehe. I'm glad.

This is why I love to DAY DREAM =)

Monday, April 13, 2009

i'm sorry.

hahahaha. xD i'm sorry to you guys that i set my permission to private again. Because, my mum finds out my bloggie, and i don't have the courage to let her see everything. xD hahaha. so please don't blame me for that. =)

Actually my mum will know everything eventually, just her attitude makes me feel scared. xD hahaha. =x

I know you all wanna scold me already. =P blehhhhhhh !

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I dislike my Life.

urghhhh ! i doesn't like my life at allll, maybe, a little. >< Hmm, let's see. The tak-boleh-finish homeworksss, cocurriculum stuffs (although my job is only a little bit ) -.- and people around me are all unhappy fellows. zzz - I don't know how to enjoy life.

Nevermind, i guess, after april everything will go back to the railway again. =) looking forward !

Friday, April 10, 2009

Daddy the great cook.

hehehehe. =) these days i am definitely gaining weight. know why ? because my daddy has a super good mood to be in the kitchen after dinner. I still remember, one evening i accidentally told him I want to eat mee suaaa =p hahaha. then he immediately go and buy mee sua and cook for me. And it tastes sooooooooooo GOOD !! Two thumbs up !! xD hahaha.

Then yesterday my little brother wanted to eat tang yuan =P, then now he's making sweet-home-made tang yuan, somemore got rectangular tang yuan. zzz -.- hahaha. And, it tastes GOOOOD too. xD haha. thumb up for him again !

Everyone says that his fried chicken is the best in klang, so tomorrow he's doing it again for us. =) hahaha. omg, i must control my diet seriously ! ish !! my mum is peeking at me. xD haha. bye bye guys. =D

wooohooooo !! =D

Today at school, during last period, which is add maths, teacher says that she's going to return our test paper !~ huiyooo. sibeh gan jiong. xD haha. I am nervous and scared because last time UB add maths i get a nice red mark. =P

Teacher : eric .. full marks !!
Class : woooooo !!!
Teacher : zhang yik, 100 !
Class : whooohooo. xD
Teacher : si en also full marks !
Class : waaaaaa xD don't know what's their respond already.
Teacher : bla bla bla bla bla bla .....
Teacher : shuping.

Oh, my name is being called ? okay. I walk to the front to take my paper. I haven't reach there yet, teacher says : shu ping, last time FAIL, now FULL MARKS. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! xD hahahaha. I immediately jump on the spot, in front of everybody. xD haha. I am too hyper already. =P blehhhhh !

Although it's just a UB, but I'm happy i'm happy i'm happy !!!!!!! =) hahahaha. xD lalalalala, wuuulalalala wulala xD hehehe. Igore me once again. =P told you guys I am a sp. xD hehehehe.

Cheers and applause for me. =P Keep it up piggie. =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hate Me.

ohhhhhhhhh, I OVERSLEPT again today.

I skip tuition class AGAIN. somemore physic one. ishhhh !

And i left someone alone there. SORRY ya. =P

I really Hate my pig-attitude. grrrrrrrrrr. T.T

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ignore me. =P

hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lolx, told you to igore me. xD i'm sp = siao po. hahaha. xD

anyway, i laugh terribly when I want to cry. >< ishhh !

I don't like april seriously. It doesn't seem to be nice xDDD hahaha. if si en sees this she will KILL me. xD hahaha. and my intuition tells me something not good is going to happen ? hopefully NOT. =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hahahaha =)

hahahahaha ! Finally, today i can step out of my room. hehe. xD Actually I want to follow my sister to sunway, but my time doesn't allow me to do so. Therefore i just go to the near one - aeon.

I don't enjoy my time there seriously, just have some accompanion for an hour. xD hahaa. Nevermind, i should be satisfied. =) And i realize, I can't shop without any companions. zzzz.

UB's coming. My daddy actually gives me a little pressure because he don't want me to get a badddddd result. xD hahaha. I need to study for this time then. But, I really hate science !!!!!! T.T can i switch to another stream pleaseee ? *-) hehehe.

* currently in a sleeping mood. oik oikkkkk =) *

Sunday, April 5, 2009

beggar's chicken is so expensive.

ohhhh, today daddy brings all of us to banting to eat beggar's chicken. Most of the food there must BOOK first. zzzzz =.= if you don't book, you cannot eat. apa la tuuuuuuu. so funny one.

Five plates cost us RM 200. is expensive right ? just chicken, pork, vege, rice and soup !!!!! I wonder what the chicken and the pork eat. =P

And, i am gaining weight. arhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! help me. I need a supervisor to control my diet so that i can cut down on the intake of food. If i rely on myself, it's actually IMPOSSIBLE to reach my goal. hahahaha.

everyone wish me GOOD LUCK ! xD hahahaha.

wishing to be a sleeping beauty.

ohhhhhhhhhh, i just simply LACK OF SLEEP these days. after four days for practising foot drill, and the fifth day involving in the sports day pembarisan + the lameee duty after that really makes me tireddddd like anything.

There is training somemore today. I just want to sleeppppppppppp for as long as i want. or, maybe i can wish to sleep forever xD hahaha. Be a SLEEPING BEAUTY ? and wait for my prince to rescue me from my dream. hahahahaha.

okay, go to sleep now. xD hahaha. my mind is almost becoming blank.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I should be appreciative.

hahaha. just read someone's blog. She told us that we must appreciate what we have now, because as we are still young, and we have our beloved parents as our shelter when we need advice or motivation. loll, i agree with her words. =) She indirectly influence my thinking. hahaha. xD

these days i am quite unhappy actually. But now, i know, i should be happier and live with a smile everyday, even a little smile will do. Forget the bad one, remember all the happies and goodies. xD hahaha. Be contented for what we are having =) YEAH ~ !

=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

I am still in my castles. xP

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st of april.

hahahaha. Everyone knows today is


but i think there is no atmosphere of april fool today. I just fooled by si en only. xD hahaa. I didn't fool anyway, and it's a boring day + a sad day. I wish i can twist and turn the time toooooooo maybe after raptai? hahaha. but it's IMPOSSIBLE.

monthly test is coming soon, and i need to do well in my science subjects, so that my daddy will not torture me for that. xD hahahaa. for me, study life simply equals to NO LIFE. =x hehehe.