Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No time

Year 2009 is coming to an end. I feel so super duper sad. =( I don't know what will be coming in 2010, have a bad intuition. LOL. I really hope that time would stop at 11.59pm this thursday. =P haha.

Yea, thursday will be the last day. And, I have a lot of things to do before the year ends. And, I don't have enough time! I don't have enough brain also! I have already cracked my brain like hell to get everything done. So sad.

Leaving form 4, stepping into form 5. It's not a good thing for me. I don't want to face SPM. I don't want to face 5s1. I don't want all those science subjects, they torture me. I don't want to think about my future. I don't want to leave my friends. I don't want to leave high school.

Some people may think that 365 days are a long long time. But, I don't think so! see, one year is ending already. I can't imagine how fast my form 5 life will be passing. I bet it will be faster. =) haha.

Next year, activities for me are soooo super duper boring. I don't know how to take it my gosh.

Ahhhhh!! kay kay, maybe it will NOT be as bad as I have imagined? hehe. =)

Hope so.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The boys are back in town!

watched this on Christmas Day! ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS. Um, I don't really like the movie but the chipmunks and the chipettes are really really CUTE! So super duper cute you know. =D hahaha.

Till now, I haven't watch
1) Princess and the frog
2) The treasure hunter
3) Bodyguard & Assassins



I am being busy and lazy in blog updating lately! But when I have time, I prefer to sleep. wahahaha.

Although I am busy and exhaust, I LOVE IT! I really love life like this because I won't have to waste time dreaming and doing all those nonsense. But today I sleep till evening. wth =( SLAP MYSELF! hahaha.

Today I see two doctors. First is skin specialist and then a traditional chinese doctor. I don't have to tell him anything and he can tell me all my living bad habits. wahahaha. Everything he tells me are BINGO! really, so super zhun until I can't believe it. *-) He just has to look at my tongue and feel my pulse and then he knows what's happening in my body. LOL, what a miracle. haha. um, honestly, I have quite a lot of problems. =(

so, girls and guys, really must take care and practise a healthy lifestyle! If not you will have to suffer for the rest of your life. This is no joke.

I am tired already, good night =)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A season to be Merry!

Attended an event last Sunday. It was a Christmas Party by Setia Eco Park! =D haha. This was my very very very first time attending a Christmas Party and I was really hyper that day. Too bad I couldn't dance well. UGH. Anyway, just wanted to share some pictures with you guys. I know I looked ugly in make-ups because performance make-up is really thick, always like that one, bo huat. =(

we were all late that day.
still make-up-ing. XP

the awesome live band!

en and I with the kids

they are sooooooo PRETTTYYY =D envyNYA!

group picture after the party

shumin and the two guys, endao huh xD

another group pictures with the live band women and the staff


Lastly was this! =)
I personally like this picture a lot because I feel that it's very lovely dovely! =D

Anyway, there are still lots of pictures not uploaded yet. If you guys still want to see more, then tell me. =) I'll show but need to wait lah, because I still haven't get them. LOL.

That night was great and memorable! I wouldn't forget my very first Christmas Party ever. wow, thanks to teacher and all my girlfriends =) I love them, a lot! They make me so super duper high and hyper! =P

* * *

This morning I went for training @ HQ. Anyway, I didn't feel really stress this time lah. Don't know why, maybe the trainer is friendly =) hehe. And I had a nice talk with zhihan. hehehe. Congratulations to you and keep it up. Don't give up easily okay? =)

After that I headed to starbucks to meet her! We squeezed our brain and killed 70 percent of our brain cells in hours. We thought a lot, and planned a lot. *She must be appreciative and lucky to have good friends like us. bleh wahahaha =D Anyway, I was really really tired and my eyelids were heavy already.

Came home, had dinner, mummy brought us to Aeon! =D hahahaha. Shiok! And she bought me a new handphone since mine were already dying. Always lag lag lag and restart restart restart! I memang buay tahan! Thanks to mummy! Although my new handphone is so far NOT chio compared to Blackberry, I am very contented and happy already =) hehehehe. I really don't need that kind of high-tech chio handphone. It might burden me. wahaha. =)

Love today!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, just got the pictures at the prom. Umm, nothing much and they are all quite blur because we don't have a camera. haha. =P

three of us @ KEC
aiyor, kherching like kena squeezed xp

hahaha. vivian was camwhoring and I accidentally went into the picture. sorry =x

4 of us! =D too bad pjing couldn't make it, if not it would be just perfect =D
And, all are in BLACK!

kailing and kherching

mi re do

while waiting for the prom to start I think.
from the left, kailing, vivian, kherching and xinyi =)

hahaha. I captured this.

vivian and her PARTNER, Irwin.
Just told you, he's really a very gentleman.

xinyi and joshua
sweeeeeeeet =)

And lastly, ME!
my dress is too short =x
so I thank God this picture is blur.

that's all.

by the way, dong zhi is going to end soon and I haven't get to eat even one little biji of tang yuan! so sad =( yorrrrr, mummy faster come home!

And I touched Blackberry! =DDDDDDDD so chiooooooo man.

I want one too! =D

Tang Yuan

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I want to eat! =D hahahaha. But I don't like those plain tang yuan, I want either peanut or black sesame. =) soooooooooo nice! Yummy Yummy, and I also like muazhi =P hahahaha.

But too bad, my mum is not going to do home-made tang yuan. No no, I should say, she never does. LOL. Yorrrr, I want to eat! *-)

Anyway, this morning I saw a BLACKBERRY box!!!!!!!!!!! =D I was so hyper. But when I opened it, duh, nothing inside, only cables. XD

Lastly, dong zhi kuai le =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

The truth is revealed

This evening, I received a text message from one of my close friends. He explained everything to me regarding the spammer. And finally, I knew what was actually happening.

I really don't understand why some people can be so revengeful. Can the person just have a little bit of self-esteem? UGH.

Anyway, I wish him good luck and all the best =) Also, don't worry! I will keep your reputation good. =) Lastly, thank you for explaining.

Friends forever =)


Well, my activity for yesterday was only prom. I had never been to any prom and so I was actually feeling quite excited. hahahaha.

But I always have transport problem. UGH. I beg Him to pass his undang, then his driving license and get a car and and... FETCH ME OUT! hahaha =D But still need to wait duh.

Anyway, I went to viv's house since no one could fetch me in the evening. Brought a big baggie and two plastic bags. See? So ma fan. Crapped with her till late noon, then quickly got ourselves ready for the ever first prom. -,- The kinnasai kherching was super duper late lah! hahaha. Nvm, I knew she had transport problem also. high five! =D

Viv's mum drove us to KEC. And we got kherching prepared before the prom started. There was no make-up artist so I, did a really really mild make-up for her. haha. And she said okay! -,- This was the first time I did a eye-make-up for other people, and guess what turned out? Her eyes just looked the same like before she make-up. wth. =( But, she still said okay! haha. what a flexible girl =)

Um, the prom started late I think. Twelve of us squeezed in one table because we didn't want to separate. Okay, the first agenda was live band performance. Everyone was so darn hungry already, waiting for the dinner session but still so long! ugh. The second and third was still performance I think, not really sure haha because I was longing for the food only. So hungry!

Ah, finally the dinner session was here. Everyone went to grab the food and sit down and eattttttttt. I think we only paid to eat. duh. There were a lot of performances after that. The dancing part was the last I guess, I'm not really sure because I left early. hehe.

Umm, overall, I have no comment about the prom. But some of the performances are great. =) It's just that, it doesn't turn out like what I have expected before I come. *Bear in mind that I never attend any prom so I just simply expect. XP hahaha.

ahhh! four of us (because pjing failed to attend) wore black dress! All black except viv ones got a bit of white only. Even xinyi is in black also! =D haha. And, and, and, I want to say that, Irwin is really a gentleman lah! =D hahaha. Never see guys like him, except in TV shows and dramas. LOL.

That's all. Got to proceed with something for someone beloved. =)

Miss him already!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The very first time

Well well well, I was very contented yesterday =)

In the morning, I didn't know why, just magically, I woke up on my own. No one had given me a morning call =D wahahaha! first clap for me! haha. =P Got myself dressed up and went to aeon, again.* Hmm, just needed to do something for someone really beloved =)

In the afternoon, en and I planned to buy some cosmetics together. But she was late and I was very indecision and choosy. This was the very first time I buy cosmetics in my life okay. -,- So after we bought everything we needed, we were all late to studio. LOL =x sorry teacher! and thanks to shu min for driving us there =) whee, love you!

There, we quickly prepared ourselves for the christmas party at setia eco park! whee, this was really the first time I celebrated christmas, with lots of lengluis =D hahaha. And, the party was quite nice and enjoying =) And this was also the first time I danced in a party. Woah, so high =) But of course lah, I danced till like cacat-ed. LOL. But the performance was still okay for me =) oh ya, and thanks to the supportive On Zhi Xiang! hahaha. Really unexpected to meet you there but still, happy to see you =D haha.

When the party was over, jieyin drove me home. thank you! =D hahaha.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Enter the world of Avatar!

Hahaha. Met en in the shopping mall yesterday. She helped me to choose a dress =) hehehe. thank you en! and of course my sis, she gave comments also. =D Actually we wanted to buy accessories, but we couldn't find any suitable one.

So, we headed to BIG APPLE DONUT! Three of us ate six donuts, and the most lame thing was, we bought them separately, three in one time. -,- Because at first we thought we couldn't eat two, who knew, we were so tam jiak. hahahaha. If we bought six altogether, the price would be only 12.50 ringgit. But when we bought them separately, we needed to pay 13.80 ringgit. -,- sigh*

Then, not enough again! I had ice-cream @ New Zealand Natural. -,-

Um, training that night was cancelled! =DDDDDDDDDDD bleh.

So daddy brought all of us for a movie - AVATAR! This movie is so chio and impressive, for me lah. =) hehehe. And it is from the director of TITANIC.

AVATAR takes us to a spectacular world beyond imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately fighting to save the alien world he has learned to call home. James Cameron, the Oscar-winning director of "Titanic," first conceived the film 15 years ago, when the means to realize his vision did not exist yet. Now, after four years of production, AVATAR, a live action film with a new generation of special effects, delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience of a new kind, where the revolutionary technology invented to make the film disappears into the emotion of the characters and the sweep of the story.

We enter the alien world through the eyes of Jake Sully, a former Marine confined to a wheelchair. But despite his broken body, Jake is still a warrior at heart. He is recruited to travel light years to the human outpost on Pandora, where corporations are mining a rare mineral that is the key to solving Earth's energy crisis. Because the atmosphere of Pandora is toxic, they have created the Avatar Program, in which human "drivers" have their consciousness linked to an avatar, a remotely-controlled biological body that can survive in the lethal air. These avatars are genetically engineered hybrids of human DNA mixed with DNA from the natives of Pandora... the Na'vi.

Source: TGV website

For me, it's worth watching. GO WATCH GO WATCH! =D

True friends?

Well, we all have friends. I have a lot of friends too =) but how about true friends? I guess only very little huh.

Friends are many, but true friends are very little.

True friends really be by your side and talk to you when you need them. When you are sad, they know and they are always being very kind to comfort you. By the way, I feel that true friends are very direct speakers. They tell you whatever it's true. Right buddies? They want you to be good.

I hope I can really differentiate both the friends and true friends.

Hmmmm =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Father And Mother I Love You

Spend my whole night with family @ Sunway Pyramid.

I bought nothing lah this time. haha. =) And, I skipped my class =( so sad so sad so sad. But I was very happy playing with my little sister and brother. xp wahaha.


stunned @.@ haha

just feeling bored
Confession of a Shopaholic!
hahaha =)

so pretty =D

camwhored in the car. -,-

Just a random one.
Nothing much.
Good night!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How exhausted

Today is really a very hectic day =) and I love it, but I hate it in another way. How irony =P haha.

Woke up super early in the morning, thanks to His morning call. Hehe. Then, quickly got myself dressed up and went out for a new class. *It's a new class for me. Anyway, that is very not necessary I think. But mum arranged that for me, so I just follow lah. Don't want to disappoint her.* The class was from 10am to 12pm. However, the teacher from China let us go late! yor =( so sad.

Actually I already planned to watch a movie at noon. But I was super late there and made him waited for me. sorry =( So, the movie was off! haha. *Also okay lah, I could go for shopping =P* hahaha. Dined at VIVO. After that was MY shopping hours! hahaha. I just threw all my stuffs to him and shop shop shop. So bad huh, I felt so =P But it was too much more convenient mar! blehh. haha. Ah, coincidentally, I met xiao shuang and her mother there. Gosh, so embarrasing. Especially when I talked to en on the phone, I could feel that the atmosphere on the other side was very very noisy, since they were on class trip. Okay lah of course I talked louder. wuiseh, no image already. XP she and her mother stood there laughing at me and he just walked away like he never knew me. XP hahaha. I'm like that! Accept what I am okay? =P

ah, I also met Aaron there. OMG, what a coincidence. Feeling very paiseh when I waved to him. Of course I bought something. I got a casual footwear, a jacket and .... what else? ah, a black dress. And I looked so kinnasai when I fit myself in that dress =( so sad.

When it was 4 in the afternoon, rushed for dance practice. Gosh, it took me 2 hours. Then, teacher sent me home and when it was 7.30pm, I went there again for class! Again the same, 2 hours! Now, I feel like my foot are not touching the ground, and my muscles are soooooooooo hot and painful. They are burning! =( I know 4 hours are not long, but you know, my muscles are too suai liap liao. They couldn't bear even little hours of exercises. =(

Then, I came home.

Hahahaha, tomorrow I'm going to shop again! It's dress hunting day. haha.

Good night loh everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009


So EMO today. =(

I feel so sad lah. Sigh* I hate to see people around me EMO-ing okay. Just think simple. And there is really nothing for you to be EMO. Always emo emo emo. I know I also do that always lah. =P But please, emo a while okay already. Don't keep on emo-ing. I really buay tahan!

I already stay at home today. What more do you want? huh? I really don't understand. And, this is totally HELL! hell hell hell wth. *I apologize if I am behaving rude here.


Anyway, I need to maintain my current weight. No need to lose weight and NEVER gain weight. hahaha. XP that's what my teacher told me. LOL.

Shake shake shake. shake the stupid fats OFF!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend with family

Well, we KIDS always spend our weekends with family.

On Saturday, mummy told me that we are heading to Subang the next day afternoon at 2. I said OKAY.

Who knows, I overslept again on Sunday! *slap myself* I woke up at about 1.40pm. And it was too late. I quickly got myself dressed up and hopped into the car.

After sending my brother to Taylor's college, we went for this.

this was the long queue -,-
the woman with green tee is my mom.

hahaha, we enjoyed our coconut drink in the car.
so bad huh.

twenty minutes later she was at the front.
so long. -,-

the little stall.

my mum queued for so long, just for this
really Yummy =D

After the yummilicious rojak, we headed to the nearest shopping mall. Thanks to mommy and daddy, I finally bought my stupid heels there. Heels don't suit me. But I can't wear slippers to prom right? hahahaha. So, after so many days of hunting heels, I really got fed up and simply bought one. ahhh, now banyak relieved =P haha.

Everyone bought something =) I bought heels and CD player! Sister bought clothessssssssss. I think our room will have clothes flood soon. urgh! Mummy bought tee and trousers and daddy got a new watch for himself. haha. VERY HAPPY!

Then, it was dinner time. After picking up my brother, we went for dinner at PJ SS2. Next was pasar malam. xp haha. Finally, we went back home =)

*He's back from camp! yeehaa =D

Good night people =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Girls and family's day

Hang out with my girls today. hahaha =) so happy! Had a nightmare the night before but luckily they could delight my day =) hehehe. Took KTM there =( Reached there, we went straight to old town. xp haha. Pjing asked us to go there but ended up she didn't know where was it. hahaha. Blurrrrr.

We came to shop. We wanted to shop for shoes and dresses, but, we couldn't find any. so sad =( Just bought some casual tee with kherching and the others bought accessories. Due to my early class, viv and I had to leave early again =( yorrrr, very sad one. Always like that, rushed rushed rushed. Took a bus to klang, then taxi back to viv's house, finally my home. LOL.

teehee =D Love the 5 INGs!

After class, went for movie - the Storm Warriors. I don't really like the movie because most of the part are computerized. wahaha. And the actions are so slowwwwwwwww. -,- so sweat! I nearly fell asleep inside. haha. =x shhh.

Then, had my late dinner @ Kinsahi. Not really delicious compared to Funa and also very expensive =x

then, went home, finally.

I miss you. a lot a lot!

Good night =)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shopping spree: off

Kay kay. I don't mean to spoil your eyes huh =P hahaha. Umm, finally, auntie brought me to the nearest shopping mall - AEON. =( I really didn't know what to do at aeon lah. So boring there.

Anyway, I tried to find dresses at Nichii but failed. I also tried to search for pretty white heels but failed also. duh. I memang don't know how to shop d lah. =( So pek cek. And, I don't have money to spend. xp hahaha. Still owe my brother RM50 loh. =x Just ate a piece of cheese cake at secret recipe and went back with nothing. Actually I wanted to find viv there, maybe we could chit chat. but she's off to work. xp haha. Because the bags got to be sold off very fast! The females were grabbing bags during happy hours 80% discount. SIAO -,-

there, Aeon Christmas decoration.

these are all plastic bottles. ah, GO GREEN.

I think it would be better if they paint them. IDK.

ah, I want to go shopping with my besties =D

Obviously I'm bored

Just waste my time blogging and editing pictures. wahahaha. =) I like the effect! =D Really. hehehe.

Anyway, auntie is here. Yeayy! Please bring me out yorrrr ....

And, the weather is toooooo hot! Beh tahan, so hot so hot so hot so hot. =(

Guess it's global warming?

I feel so empty

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I feel so empty today.

He's off to camp. And, I'm off to bed. I don't know what should I do. Actually I have a lot of stuffs to do, just that I don't even have the initiative to touch them.

Umm, I need to prepare a proposal. *NO.
I can proceed with my Eclipse. *LAZY.
I want to shop! *NO ONE COULD FETCH ME OUT.
I want to meet my friends. *NOT TIME YET.
I can camwhore. *ENOUGH OF THAT.
Maybe I can play some games. *BUT I HATE GAMES.
I can watch some movies. *WHAT TO WATCH?
I want to eat! *NOTHING TO EAT AT HOME.
I always sms with him at this time. *HE CAN'T RECEIVE ANY SIGNAL THERE.
What else? *NOTHING ELSE.

hahahaha. You should find that I'm very irony right? I can do a lot of things, but I just don't want to do anything and keep on complaining the boredom. I'm sort of annoying. haha. Aih, I hate myself also. =(

Eh, anyone watch Slumdog Millionaire before? hahahaha. I bought the VCD monthsssssss ago but haven't watch it. It doesn't attract my attention at all. Umm, just want to ask, is that movie nice? hehehe. =)

I still want to watch
- The Princess and the Frog
- The Twilight Saga New Moon again
- Love Happens
- Disney's A Christmas Carol 3D
- The Storm Warriors
- 2012 again if it is still on theatre next week *reason, he hasn't watch yet. =x

But when I could go out again? HUH? The chance is only 20.

Stupid. =(

Thursday, December 10, 2009



SOME PEOPLE thinks that SOME PEOPLE is so great. PUI!

if SOME PEOPLE does something wrong, SOME PEOPLE just blames the others like not SOME PEOPLE's business. Enough of that please.

I don't understand why SOME PEOPLE can be sooo arrogant.

That disgusts me, and the others as well.

But that SOME PEOPLE never knows.

OH gawd.

Do you know what is 自知之明? You study chinese right? I beg you to know.

Sorry ya, just feeling very angry.


Ummmmm, I think I need to see a dentist. My teeth are getting worse. =( I don't know what should I do. Just now, I read some articles about braces. OMG!? I dare not to fix that thing on my teeth! I really have goosebumps! Gelinya. Yuckx.

Forget about that. Anyway, He text me to ask me to skip gt's class tomorrow morning. AH, should I? Actually I already feel so guilty for skipping her classes. Sigh* Skip or not? Ah i know. Let the fate choose. hehehe. Whether I can wake up on time, we'll see tomorrow =)

* * *

Just now taught my brother Form 1 Geografi. I sudah mau muntah darah!!!!!!!!!!! wth? He asked me what "unsur" means? How to tell him. Duh, I really feel like whacking him. HPMH. Sorry, I know that I am really cruel. =) hehehehe.

Just feel free to blog. So, a random one.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be the boss.

Hmmmm, I have the responsibility to control the house now. So stupid. I don't want to do that.

I am forced to keep an eye on my brother for two hours and teach him how to study. wth? Studying is your own business okay? Don't make everybody so busy and tired because of you. You are a teenage already! Can you know how to think? huh? Because of you, I always can't go out of the house and have fun. They say, haiyorr, you are the eldest among the siblings mar, must always take care of them, look after them. Hello, I have my own activities! I am willing to look after them if I am free. really, but I don't need to stay at home all day just for them okay? I really don't know how you all think.

Maybe I am wrong. Yes, I'm wrong. Anyway, I just don't like him to implicate me in his own businesses! Don't he feel paiseh? I'm sorry.



Went to Sunway Pyramid =D hahaha. Early in the morning, He morning called me so that I would wake up. Thanks to Him lah, if not I sure overslept again. Headed to Klang KTM station. Seriously, I prefer to go by bus because the KTM always delay the arrival time. HMPH. stupid one.

Once we reached there, we went for early lunch at canton bay. Lol. The whole restaurant was vacant until after we left. hahaha. Then, shopped for a while until one something. Then it was movie time - NEW MOON!!!! xp hahaha. After movie, we shopped again and had some dessert @ Honeymoon =D YUMMILICIOUS! hahaha. We also had finger-licking KFC cheeeesssyyy wedges! hehe. Before we went back, we bought two cupcakes. umm, they are quite okay. Ate a lot huh? sigh* I guess I will be gaining weight again.

But luckily, I had two hours class at night. =) hehe. Maybe I could burn some calories? *-)

after class.

NEW MOON!!!!!!!

awwwwwwwwwww =D


teeheee =D

At first I don't like Jacob at all.
But after the movie, I find that he's actually a very nice guy =D

I hate this moment.


Bella =)

I'm in team Edward! bleh.
Again, I love today =DDDDDDD