Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend with family

Well, we KIDS always spend our weekends with family.

On Saturday, mummy told me that we are heading to Subang the next day afternoon at 2. I said OKAY.

Who knows, I overslept again on Sunday! *slap myself* I woke up at about 1.40pm. And it was too late. I quickly got myself dressed up and hopped into the car.

After sending my brother to Taylor's college, we went for this.

this was the long queue -,-
the woman with green tee is my mom.

hahaha, we enjoyed our coconut drink in the car.
so bad huh.

twenty minutes later she was at the front.
so long. -,-

the little stall.

my mum queued for so long, just for this
really Yummy =D

After the yummilicious rojak, we headed to the nearest shopping mall. Thanks to mommy and daddy, I finally bought my stupid heels there. Heels don't suit me. But I can't wear slippers to prom right? hahahaha. So, after so many days of hunting heels, I really got fed up and simply bought one. ahhh, now banyak relieved =P haha.

Everyone bought something =) I bought heels and CD player! Sister bought clothessssssssss. I think our room will have clothes flood soon. urgh! Mummy bought tee and trousers and daddy got a new watch for himself. haha. VERY HAPPY!

Then, it was dinner time. After picking up my brother, we went for dinner at PJ SS2. Next was pasar malam. xp haha. Finally, we went back home =)

*He's back from camp! yeehaa =D

Good night people =)

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