Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, my activity for yesterday was only prom. I had never been to any prom and so I was actually feeling quite excited. hahahaha.

But I always have transport problem. UGH. I beg Him to pass his undang, then his driving license and get a car and and... FETCH ME OUT! hahaha =D But still need to wait duh.

Anyway, I went to viv's house since no one could fetch me in the evening. Brought a big baggie and two plastic bags. See? So ma fan. Crapped with her till late noon, then quickly got ourselves ready for the ever first prom. -,- The kinnasai kherching was super duper late lah! hahaha. Nvm, I knew she had transport problem also. high five! =D

Viv's mum drove us to KEC. And we got kherching prepared before the prom started. There was no make-up artist so I, did a really really mild make-up for her. haha. And she said okay! -,- This was the first time I did a eye-make-up for other people, and guess what turned out? Her eyes just looked the same like before she make-up. wth. =( But, she still said okay! haha. what a flexible girl =)

Um, the prom started late I think. Twelve of us squeezed in one table because we didn't want to separate. Okay, the first agenda was live band performance. Everyone was so darn hungry already, waiting for the dinner session but still so long! ugh. The second and third was still performance I think, not really sure haha because I was longing for the food only. So hungry!

Ah, finally the dinner session was here. Everyone went to grab the food and sit down and eattttttttt. I think we only paid to eat. duh. There were a lot of performances after that. The dancing part was the last I guess, I'm not really sure because I left early. hehe.

Umm, overall, I have no comment about the prom. But some of the performances are great. =) It's just that, it doesn't turn out like what I have expected before I come. *Bear in mind that I never attend any prom so I just simply expect. XP hahaha.

ahhh! four of us (because pjing failed to attend) wore black dress! All black except viv ones got a bit of white only. Even xinyi is in black also! =D haha. And, and, and, I want to say that, Irwin is really a gentleman lah! =D hahaha. Never see guys like him, except in TV shows and dramas. LOL.

That's all. Got to proceed with something for someone beloved. =)

Miss him already!

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