Sunday, December 6, 2009

Full agenda.

Yesterday super early in the morning, I woke up for area workshop. UGRH! =( nevermind, at least it helped me to wake up early once in a while. LOL. Went to pin hwa private school for talkssssss. 9 talks man! duh.

Then, rushed for my 2 hours class. OMG! I feel that my legs muscles are burning like hell now. =( haih.

After that, headed to subang airport with family to fetch my brother there. =) Had dinner at the opposite restaurant of the airport. AND! I so super coincidentally met PJING there =D hahahahahahaha. At first, I was so shocked to see her mother passing by my dining table, then looked further behind, saw her and her brother! hahaha. xp YUAN FEN huh? =)


ahaha, camwhored after dinner.

I looked tired.

omg, she looked so !?

this is called face exercise xp

I was sooo exhausted!
see? =P

my hair looked super messy.

exhausted exhausted and exhausted.

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