Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Island of Paradise.

Went to Bali Island for 4days and 3nights. Our tour consisted of total 26 person. Very big family =D Well, just wanted to share some pictures with you guys. =)

Last picture before boarding.
Sister and I.

cuteeeeeeee little cousin.

the flight took about 3 hours time.
arrived @ Denpasar International Airport.

Then, we headed to All Seasons Legian Hotel to settle ourselves down.

hiak hiak. xp
camwhore before going out.

went to visit an ancient temple.
I asked daddy to carry my bag for me .. because

of these monkeys. @.@
they grab hairband, hairpins, spectacles and those little things you carry.

the scenery =)

little auntie, cousi, me and cousi xp

"we are happy family!"

this cliff reminded me of Bella. xD
last picture before leaving.
Brother was eating coconut.

my super little cutie cousi.

At night, we had Jimbaran seafood dinner.
the atmosphere was very romantic. =P

Our long dining table.

far far away, the local was selling grilled corn at the seaside.

dinner time!
The next day.
Had lunch at chinese restaurant. xp

After lunch, went to visit an ancient temple again. xp lol.
That place is as cooling as Cameron Highland. hahaha.

We rode on a boat.

My uncles and aunties and cousins.

the kids were fishing.

very nice scenery =)

mu lao hu. hahahahahaha.


After that, fruits time!

my uncle =D

dinner time.
we had local food.

I had fever on the second night. too bad =(
On the third day,
we had BABI GULING for lunch.

teeeheee =D

Then, we headed to .... ?? forgotten xp
sibeh cute xp

Look at the cute hair.

sister and I.
we were wearing local batik pants.

"I'm a supergirl!"

the three young ladies. xp
After three hours of shopping, we went to this place.

again, the atmosphere was very comfortable. =D

and the scenery was beautiful =)

cousi and uncle in front.

zi lian me.

After the meal, we headed to another ancient temple again. -,-
But there was better.
We could shop.
Sea view was there too.


ah, I ruined the picture man.

AHHHH, breathtaking view =D
that night, we had HAPPY HOUR beside the hotel pool.
Very fun. =D
Too bad I can't drink beer.

The last day in BALI.
Had simple lunch.
FINALLY went to the beach lah. xp hahahaha.
It was within walking distance from the hotel.
nice. =)

went there with my uncle and brother.


I was very blue-ish! hahaha.

the local was selling kites under the HOT HOT SUN.

the breeze was very cooling =)
Leave nothing but footprints.

tak boleh tahan.
I sweat like anything urgh.

they called me BALI GIRL that day. 0,0

paying at the counter.
After that we quickly rushed back to the hotel.
Headed to the same airport by taxi.
having McD.

Last picture in BALI =)
Ummm, overall, I feel that BALI is quite a nice place. Just that I don't like the weather there! Absolutely HATE IT! ughhhh. Super hot man. I can't camwhore there. xp keep on sweating only. hahahaha =)
Not really fun; But it was very fun be with all my relatives. =)
- the end -

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