Tuesday, December 13, 2011


errrrr, I think I got speedtrapped on kesas highway today :S

I was driving on the third lane to college, then out of the sudden two cars in front of me shifted to the second lane. So I didn't think too much (disadvantage of being simple minded again) so I sped to catch up with the car in front. DENG, then I saw this policeman was with the speedtrap camera just on my right side. Deng. GG.com. I seriously didn't see them and oh well, hope my parents won't screw me when they see the saman. heh heh. so sorry mom!

stupid you*

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wo bu hao

it has been a really long semester.

I hate you Fall.

* * *

Well, I am here to blog because one of my old friends, he reminded me of my wishlist. He left a comment like this "hey you should really update your wishlist because you said you wished to get your driving license asap but now you are driving like a madperson already" hahaha, it was so nice of him :)

Oh well, another reason would me, THIS PIG slept until 6pm yesterday and now great, I cannot go to bed. I seriously will feel bad if i go to sleep again. The feeling is horrible.

Fyi, my fall semester ended on Friday. and my final exam will be next week. I have two freaking hard + important subjects on wednesday and thursday. I am supposed to be studying and preparing for them but look what am I doing right now, wasting time and be lame. oh great. :(

Ah, feeling so stressed up now.

Oh ya anothing random thought that comes to my mind:

sometimes, when you think of something very simple-ly, but well, in reality things are not so simple. so, better buck up a little bit. think more, and think further.

when are all these shits going to end.
I cannot wait to be freed from these shits dey.

Oh ya, one last thing.
This is the freaking first time that I have no plan for my holiday and my holiday this time will be one and a half month! :D happy but I HAVE NO PLAN. ahhh. Hm, maybe will take up some dance courses to improve on my dancing  *if I don't want to quit ballet* haaaa. and do something serious stuffs like applying to college and bla. :( life sucks right, i know.

signing off.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


hahahaha totally forget about blogging! 
sorry beekee <3 

Jason wong indirectly reminded me when he asked "oh you have a blog?" in college today! haha :) so yeah, decided to spend some time and sacrifice my sleep time a bit to update my blog a little. I am so sorry guys! anyway, don't think there is still anyone here. :p *update for fun yeay* 

Well, fall semester has been a shit to me, so stressful and the works are like never ending, never ending torture and i suffer never endingly. so yeah, it is bad. now it's like 2 weeks before finals but I still feel that it's like a never ending semester. everytime i hang out with friends I feel guilty because i have a lot more to revise, everytime i do my revision i feel bad because I don't study enough. fml, life sucks weih haha!

alright, to update a little about my happy life! hahahaha *i just found out that they are all with friends* omg where's my family! 

#1 @ d'Italiane Kitchen, sunway giza with the best girlfriends of mine <3 

had such a good time with her <3 my soulmate, she understands me very well :) 

this girl MIA for a few months and finally, she updated me with something last night! <3 love you so much dear! my best girlfriend!  <3

#2 did like 15 hours of community service for moral studies. Apparently, we only have this very "fake" picture of the group members because something really bad happened. :( I feel so sorry for the girl <3 love you! 

from the left, tracy, me, womanizer, shea wen and amanda :D girls' power! 

#3 last day of faisal cup! with patricia, sweet girl <3 :)

girlfriendssssssss <3 :D

#4 fright night at taylors, seriously I am so not prepared for the thing so anna helped me a little, thanks :) 

#5 Yuen with ADPmates :) celebrated cheejen's birthday, had a good great time :D

I seriously gain weight like no body's business, I am so doomed. sigh* anyways, very nice chicken wings :D

dropped by at college for a while, took a picture with our awesome photographer, tracyyyy dear <3 :) 

#6 went to westlife's concert at bukit jalil :D with the best person who will always be by my side :) <3 i love you! 

#7 went for toefl test with my beloved lin in penang, thanks to my aunt alot and thanks to her for helping me so much, if not I would have failed worse :( I got back my results and it was so bad, I did not even hit the requirement of university of waterloo, doomed! 

hang out with her at queensbay mall after toefl test <3 :) 

#8 makan at melissa's place! 

my loveliest girlfriends in college <3 :D

alyssa and I, I love this girl so much! she is like one of the nicest person I have ever met, seriously :D not like me, so mean. aiya, have to get influenced by her a bit lol! 

#9 @ d'Italiane kitchen with the girls again! <3 we had like superb time there, even the waiters smiled at us like all the time :D happy! 

one of my best friends in college, lin-nette <3 :D

group picha <3 

#10 road runners drivers @ tugu negara with Taurus members :)  love this picture with lin <3 

freeeze everybody! 

group picture @ timesquare :D

love this picture too, with lin, tina and tracy <3 

with the girls at timesquare :) mmm, I smell christmas! so loved <3 

mathelogic competition tomorrow, 
sociology test on wednesday, 
calculus test 2 on friday, 
university application due date, 
accounting term project due date next week, 

deng! not sien meh :( 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This thing is definitely haunting me.
I feel the incompleteness in life.

<3 like it anyway!

*have a mid term the day after tomorrow and look what am i doing.* :(

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to update a bit :)

Hello people! :) it's time to update my blog a bit *just don't feel like studying or going to bed, so I'm here :p*

This will just be like a summary of what I am up to recently :) 
and also for myself to appreciate the good times I have had :) 
I don't want to be E-M-O again and think that my life is full of bullshits. 

<3 gathering with Svenja and her friend from Germany! 

<3 ADP Prom *I know I look so weird*

the girls are really pretty! 

<3 Famine 30 

<3 hanging out with the girls at one utama :)

<3 Taylor's talent show with the buddies 

<3 filming as a kelefeh with mehgeeh :D

<3 met yen peng at pak li kopitiam <3 

<3 had a great shopping session with my sister

<3 pjing's birthday surprise and celebration :)

<3 pjing's birthday dinner at in and out! 

<3 be_ADP recruitment drive with sue quen :)

 <3 hanging out with the girls at bangsar :)

<3 mid-autumn festival with the cousins :) *adorable*

<3 hanging out with the girls at the curve <3 Italiannese :)

<3 Justin's farewell party :)

<3 chilling with the girls at snowflakes! 

<3 Tracy's birthday! :D *so you know how long ago already for my recent haha! but they are all very good memories to me* 

<3 Kapar trip with the buddies! 

<3 anniversary dinner in vietnam

<3 ray's birthday bash at subang avenue, with the good pals ;D 

<3 sister's birthday at haagen daaz :)

<3 hanging out with my girls and getting crazehh :D

<3 graduation day shooting! 

<3 vivian's birthday celebration! loves! *I looked like botak here :(*

Finally and the sweetest happening ever, Anna's and my birthday! <3 I love what you girls have done for me. love you so much! 

will be already am very busy currently :( but I just refuse to move on. Standard slacker. 

Have sociology test tomorrow, literature review to submit, road relay training, flashmob practise, calculus III test, westlife concert!taylor's sport carnival road  relay, lin-nette's birthday celebration *heh heh*, mj dance show, taylor's college talent show, faizal cup, fright night ... hahaha! the red ones are the ones which I am really looking forward to! <3 so it's counted not so bad lah :) Wish me luck people! *oh, and have to prepare for toefl and university application* :( sadness. it's a lot of work.