Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Deaf, mute or blind?

In previous Interpersonal communication class, Miss Anna asks us to choose one among being deaf, mute or blind? 

Of course lah we wouldn't want any of these but when you really have to pick one, what would you choose? 

I chose being mute. 

I think it's so much better not to talk than you couldn't hear or see. 


this is a pointless post. hahahaha! ;P

Sunday, May 29, 2011

No more earrings

My piercings are gone, AGAIN. 

Well, after I was being forced like shit to *poke* that two holes on my ears, 
and now, IT'S GONE. wth omg I am so sad. 

But maybe, God is trying to tell me that 


I look much better without earrings!

perasan niiii. 

Kay lah, actually I just wanted to update my blog a little. 
Didn't know what to update here recently. 
Because college is like more or less the same everyday. 
Assignments assignments assignments, 
works works works,
quiz, quiz quiz,
test test test


deadlines deadlines deadlines. 
That's the stupidest thing that I have to deal with. :( 


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is damn scary!

I didn't read newspaper one. It's very cha I know. 

I read this from sherlin's blog. it's damn scary! Girls, please take 100000000000 million of note! :S


Kindly pass around to create more awareness...

This is true and came in yesterday's paper. Comment from Home Minister. Target is ladies         

Really so sad & terrible to know this kind of things happens!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Subject:  Acid Splasher

Seriously!  Stop walking home from the LRT station.  By doing that, you exposed yourself

to great risk.  Rather wait 1 hr for the bus, than take the risk.  
Best to plan and coordinate your time with your sisters and come home together in

the car whenever possible.
Please read below article until the end.   Take care of yourself, this sick man can strike

Do Right Now! 
Posted by Eric On 5/11/2011 12:03:00 AM

Beware of the serial acid splasher in KL!
We must track down this animal as soon as possible. One of the latest victims is a one-year-old

helpless baby. See how insane this serial acid splasher is? Then another victim who was attacked

last Friday suffered serious burns which could cause her to lose her eye. People lives are at risk

here. 20 victims' future has been affected by this animal! All of us should work together to track

down this animal before more innocent people are being harmed!

1. March 2 - Eight Year 4 and Year 6 pupils and a teacher of SK Bukit Bandaraya in Jalan

Bangkung, Bangsar were splashed with a liquid by a motorcyclist clad in black.

2. March 24 - Two marketing executives were splashed with acid as they were walking along

Jalan Tun Sambanthan at 5.30pm.

3. March 25 - A 25-year-old history teacher, on the way to school, was attacked near the

back gate of a school in Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad at 7am.

4. March 26 - A Frenchman and his female companion became the 13th and 14th victims of

a corrosive liquid-splashing attack by a motorcycle duo in Jalan Conlay about 3pm.

5. April 2 - In Jalan Mantin, Negri Sembilan, a 27-year-old woman and her 18-year-old niece

were attacked by two men on a motorcycle 9pm.

6. May 6 - Two women were splashed with acid when a motorcyclist attacked them from

behind in Jalan Pudu Lama at 9pm.

7. May 6 - Thirty minutes later, a lawyer in her 30s, was attacked near a parking lot in front

of The Mall shopping centre in Jalan Putra.
8. May 7 - A woman and her one-year-old baby were standing in her

house compound in Persiaran Titiwangsa when the splasher rode by

and threw the liquid at them at 3pm. 

This is how a Honda EX5 looks like.

All of us must be on our toes from now onwards. We must work hand-in-hand

to track down this animal. This serial acid splasher is of dark complexion and

he rides either a Honda EX5 or Yamaha bike with a basket in front. So you

should be more careful when you see these 2 types of bike approaching you.

If you are a woman, a girl....or well just about anyone who is staying in KL-you

might want to follow the following guidelines here:

Always walk facing against the traffic: So that the serial acid splasher will not

attack you from the back. Besides that by walking against the traffic you   will

have a better chance of avoiding anyone who looks suspicious to you.

Avoid walking by the side of the road: If possible don't walk at the side of the

road at all if it is unnecessary. You will be exposed and make yourself easy

target for this serial acid splasher. Walk near the building where there are

crowded people.

Always bring along an umbrella: This might sound crazy...but I suggest that

you bring along a huge umbrella with you. So whenever you see someone

suspicious approaching you, immediately open that umbrella to shield yourself

from any possible attack. Yes! Just open it even though it is not raining. Best of

all use the umbrella all the time. Moreover your umbrella can be a potent

weapon for you to defend yourself in dangerous situations.

Inform the police of any suspicious motorcyclist: Banking on our lazy and

inefficient Malaysian police alone is not enough. So the moment you see

anyone riding a bike with dark complexion and looks suspicious...immediately

take down the number plate and inform the police to come over as soon as   

possible. Who knows? Your information might lead to the nabbing of this serial

acid splasher!

Put on more clothes: I know the weather is scorching hot right now. But putting

on an extra jacket or vest might buy you some time to escape the devastating acid

if *touch wood* you are being splashed!

Don't go out at all: No matter where you go, try not to walk...at all. If possible

don't even go out if you don't have any transport, preferably car. It doesn't matter

if the sundry shop is only 50 metres away from your home...you don't want to

risk being splashed with acid right? So ask your parents, husband or other family

members to ferry you around if you can.

Use as much water as possible: Water is the best remedy to counter the corrosive

acid. The moment someone is being splashed with acid (either it is you or other

victims), pour as much water as possible onto the affected body parts especially

the eyes. Keep on pouring a large amount of water to dilute the acid. Keep on

doing this until the acid has been diluted and washed away. So I suggest all

of us to bring a water bottle all the time.

We don't want this happen to our beloved ones right? :(

I really, really hope there will be no other innocent people being splashed with

this corrosive liquid again. I am sure our police force will do justice to the lives

that have been affected by this serial acid splasher in KL! If you happen to meet

this heartless, cowardly serial acid splasher in his act, don't hesitate to alert the

police or nab him. Remember if we don't do anything, this could happen to our

beloved ones. We must track him down and kill him! Ok...sounds like I am a

savage but I am sure you get what I mean! We Malaysians must work hand-in-hand

to bring down this serial acid splasher in KL. He is an animal!

Lets spread this - and all do our part to track down this criminal!!!

Thank you.

This message is intended only for the ordinary use by the person to whom it
is addressed and may contain information that is confidential and privileged
under applicable laws, or otherwise protected by work product immunity or
other legal rules. No one else may copy or forward all or any of it in any
form. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that
any use, review or disclosure or copying of this message and information it
contains is prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please
notify the sender by reply e-mail and then delete it from your system. Thank

Gentle Flow

even more syiok! haha ;D 

For monday class right, we have to hold for 2 ten counts. for today, we just have to hold for FIVE counts! damn nice :p haha! 


Well, college work starts to pile up. I think second semester is a little better than first semester because we don't have english! Lots of assignments are coming and for those lecturers who have finish the first chapter will definitely give us pop quiz ANYTIME! shit, can I don't study? so lazyyyyyyyyyyy. 

Kay lah, ciao! ;) 

Monday, May 23, 2011

New exposure

First, DRIVING. 

Driving is freaking scary for me. I don't like to drive, I really really don't. And I suck at driving, alot. It's not that I like to be lousy in it and I am not proud of it, AT ALL. that's the truth and I have to admit it. I really wish to improve my driving skill but my common sense for driving is not in my blood. phew. Imagine me driving everywhere to places that I want :) so nice right! I can drive to ballet classes, yoga classes, friends' places and gathering places. That would just be SO NICE.

This morning, I drove a kancil during my driving test for on the road. Well, this time the pegawai who evaluated me was a female. A fierce tigress. ew. Anyway, I mati engine once, in front of the traffic light! hahaha. I got so nervous when my car still couldn't move an inch when the car in front of me moved forward. then the driver of the car behind me was like so frustrated already so I kan cheong and let go too much of clutch. stewpig -,- She told me " you tau mati engine di jalan raya akan fail kan?" I replied "ya, saya tahu." and continue to drive :P hahaha! I was sooooooo scared that she would stop me at the roadside or even on the spot. omg omg omg. :s and when I started driving it was actually raining, so the wiper? izzit a wiper? oh whatever is working lah. Then when I was coming back, the rain stopped and I didn't realize that the wiper was still working, then the pegawai silently switched off for me. I really wanna laughed. hahahaha! at myself -,-

Then I drove a Saga. SHIT. I almost hurt his baby. 

Am I like this?

*ignore his cuteness* haha! 

Finally, I go for yoga classes so happy! :) 

Today I attended Pilatis. Hm, overall I quite like it but it's killing me. I wish I have the strength of all the aunties there. :p they are so pro already! haha! 



Sunday, May 22, 2011

Discouraging conversation

I was having my LAST driving lesson this morning before my driving retest for on the road tomorrow. 

Uncle: well, you drive very differently today. Don't get so tensed alright.

Me: oh, how different? 

Uncle: you do things so kan cheongly I can see that. The car is very NOT smooth. 

Me: oh haha! yea, I am nervous. 

Uncle: Don't you worry. I think you need to get for the special case. 

Me: Special case? 

Uncle: pay more to the agent. you don't have to worry. for special case right, I'll ask them to specially take care of you when you are driving. you don't have to do many things basically, just drive the car. If you have any problem, just ask them. They will help you. 

Me: oh okay. that sounds good. 

Uncle: tonight, you just sleep early and you don't have to prepare for anything. You will Pass. I promise that I will let you pass.

Me: oh okay.

Inside of me: omg am I that bad? -,-
Another inside of me: YES YOU ARE!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Have a look

You're still beautiful.


*shared from Bell's blog*

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old old pal :)


ERIC POON, TRACY, got surprised or not? hahahahaha! 

Alright, I was shocked. lol.

Well, he's a really really old friend of mine. We didn't meet for almost 6 years and he's really a nice person :) 


Alright. I woke up late this morning. I was supposed to leave home to kailin's place at 7.45am and genius me woke up at exactly 7.45am. shit lah -,- I was like super sleep pig this morning. I got enough rest but I just didn't know why I would never get enough sleep. hahaha. crapping, excuse me* haha! 

Well, college today is ... um ... kinda .... ? I didn't know how to say xp haha! For calculus 2, it was very very bad. I couldn't catch up. Miss Theresa knew that, I know for sure! because she stared at me for some time and freaked me out. shit. She knew and she just continued driving her bullet train so I also ignored her and did whatever I was doing. So damn hard. Maybe I hadn't warm up enough. lol. 

For Malaysian Studies, oh oh. I didn't listen to him AT ALL today. Seriously. Because I was sitting at a different seat today. Quite far behind where it was really hard to listen to him. Especially when the person beside me was so willing to talk to me. haha! For your information, I didn't have any good friends with me in Malaysian studies class. So I was always very quiet during the class and I did listen to him. :O *gasp* haha! but today, it was a little different. The person sitting next to me, Chris, I think he was like damn bored already so he kept talking to me. hahahaha! nice person :) sorry Mr.Mohd Izwan ;p

For accounting, um just like that lor. nothing special :p For um, Interpersonal communication, it's still interesting to me :) it's just that I have to get the idea of the whole thing, because I haven't see the point YET. lol, hope so. 

My beloved pjing and jhow are going to meet me in college tomorrow, happy! ;) 

Homework time, ciao!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Movies nerd

Well, this is going to be boring again. but it's hard to update about the trips because got lotsa pictures to sort out, I am sorrry :(

This is much easier :p but yea, boring. 

In two days time, I had watched four movies. On monday, 


I think this movie is god damn COOL omg! before I watched it I thought I wouldn't going to like this genre of movie but it proved me wrong. I super like it, it's super cool! I don't mind watching it again hahaha! damn cool lah really :D

Tuesday was a public holiday. Well, I spent my time at Aeon again because I needed to buy some notepads from popular. I need nice lecture pads for my courses, seriously! So, buying only took me 10 minutes so for the rest of the time, I went for movies again. 


It's quite cute but I prefer romance :p 

Then when I was about to go home, daddy said he wanted to watch a movie. Oh very well, watched again. This time I was also sitting alone at the front because I got mom and dad couple seat. lol, one person ticket was much easier to be bought lah. :p 

this time, PUNISHED. 

okay, this was really sad. :( 

At night, when I was at home, nothing to do, I decided to watch BLACK SWAN. 
A movie which I wanted to watch since so long time ago, 

but it super freaked me out. I threw the whole disc away after watching this. Damn, izzit for human to watch? it's so inhuman. OMG freaking scary. better don't watch I really freaked out like shit -,-


Today is like really started our classes. have homeworks for calculus 2. For malaysian studies, OMFG I am so embarrassed in class today! wahliu. I memang super lousy in speaking in front of the people. Well, maybe I can still do it if that topic favors me but NO. the topic today is about our dream country and what can you contribute to your country to achieve like your dream country and third, what will you want to be in 25 years time. shit lah, who the hell can contribute to change the country. I write lots of shit on the paper and SO SUILY, sir picks me to share what I write. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I am like stoned in front of the class for so long, in the end I just end by saying 'well, if I have a good life and nobody bothers me, that's fine for me.' wtf what the shit am I saying I also don't know. So dead x.x 

For accounting, well, Mr.Guna is still not interesting for me because I tend to daydream in his class. for interpersonal communication, well it's real fun today :D Miss Anna even asks us to prepare a box of crayon to be used throughout the whole semester, omg so cute lah :) However, I don't think that it will be easy although it's fun. nice studying about how to communicate with people although frankly all of us know how to communicate. But I want to learn using the right way. Thank you Eugene, you lead me to the right way! :D 

Then, in the afternoon, I meet up with a really really really OLD pal of mine. He asked me out. OMG I thought he was just joking at first because we had not been meeting each other for 6 years and out of a sudden, he said he wanna go yam cha -,- what? lol but now I know why. But it's just meeting up with old friend, such a pleasant meeting :) GUYS, I really start missing you all! 

Till then, ciao! :) homeworks time. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey Summer!

I'm sorry for the lack of update!

Finally (sadly), the very short two weeks semester break is over. :(

Well, if you ask if I enjoy the break um, yes I enjoyed half and another half was like bored till death :p haha! I was quite happy and should be contented already actually :) I got to meet up with my beloved old pals, I especially love spending time with them. :) and I went for a trip to taiwan with my dad because my awesome mom even could arrange a last-minute trip for me. How awesome she is :) love you mom!

To be updated :

genting with the beloved pals ♥

Taiwan ♥ 


Oh well, today is the commencement of Summer semester! or is also known as my Second semester! phew, the time goes like damn fast. First semester is really fine, but I don't think I will survive for the second semester. All the subjects seem so hard to me. I am taking Calculus 2 (hardest among all), Accounting 1 (easy at first but NOT easy later), Interpersonal communication (OMFG) and Malaysian Studies (sien dao like shit) lol! I think 3 subjects are still bearable, but four, omg I am killing myself. Although malaysian studies is like a very lame subject, well I still have to spend some time for it right? ugh.

Oh ya, also introduce my lovely lecturers. for calculus she's Miss Theresa, heard that she's kinda strict. My accounting 1 lecturer Mr.Guna, he's soooooooooooooo cute I like him :p hehe! My interpersonal communication lecturer Miss Anna Edward, well she's ........ I don't know how to describle :p lol. And my malaysian studies lecturer aka my very the 'helpful' academic advisor Mr. Mohd Izwan. duh. I hope I have a goooood journey with them :) God Blesss Me :)

Speaking of my timetable, OMG I must thank God like a hundred thousand million of times! I don't have break in between apparently, four classes together from 9.10am till 1.40pm. The good thing is, I can go home early :) don't have to wait for classes. The very bad thing for me is, I CANNOT do homework at the eleventh hour! wth that's actually a huge challenge for me honestly speaking x.x I am so dead but I have to really manage my time well lor. If not I really dead. haha! I love you muahhhhhhhhhhh! -,-

Puhlease, let me have a good time :)