Monday, May 23, 2011

New exposure

First, DRIVING. 

Driving is freaking scary for me. I don't like to drive, I really really don't. And I suck at driving, alot. It's not that I like to be lousy in it and I am not proud of it, AT ALL. that's the truth and I have to admit it. I really wish to improve my driving skill but my common sense for driving is not in my blood. phew. Imagine me driving everywhere to places that I want :) so nice right! I can drive to ballet classes, yoga classes, friends' places and gathering places. That would just be SO NICE.

This morning, I drove a kancil during my driving test for on the road. Well, this time the pegawai who evaluated me was a female. A fierce tigress. ew. Anyway, I mati engine once, in front of the traffic light! hahaha. I got so nervous when my car still couldn't move an inch when the car in front of me moved forward. then the driver of the car behind me was like so frustrated already so I kan cheong and let go too much of clutch. stewpig -,- She told me " you tau mati engine di jalan raya akan fail kan?" I replied "ya, saya tahu." and continue to drive :P hahaha! I was sooooooo scared that she would stop me at the roadside or even on the spot. omg omg omg. :s and when I started driving it was actually raining, so the wiper? izzit a wiper? oh whatever is working lah. Then when I was coming back, the rain stopped and I didn't realize that the wiper was still working, then the pegawai silently switched off for me. I really wanna laughed. hahahaha! at myself -,-

Then I drove a Saga. SHIT. I almost hurt his baby. 

Am I like this?

*ignore his cuteness* haha! 

Finally, I go for yoga classes so happy! :) 

Today I attended Pilatis. Hm, overall I quite like it but it's killing me. I wish I have the strength of all the aunties there. :p they are so pro already! haha! 



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