Monday, November 1, 2010

Taylors? Sunway? Help!

School arranged us to visit an education fair at GoldCourse Hotel during schooling hours.

seriously I haven't make up my mind which to choose or where to go. I am so blinded.

I have attended like N times edu fair but still get nothing. I really cannot, and I don't know how to make up my mind.

and the breads they provided were very not nice! :P

Group picha ♥

First group in the lift, hahaha if anybody saw the pictures in Tracy's album in facebook, omg the second group one was so scaryyyyyy, you know what I mean.

5S1 ♥

Tracy and I ♥

whee, love this picture to the max!

the guys are cute! hahahaha

chee seng really likes to ban cute, and jia wei too!


beh tahan tan chee seng! xD

Molly and wei neng the gentleman of the day stayed in school waiting for us lol :(

and the stupid date blocked my face!!!!!! hahahaha.

the NUFFNANGERS lol lol

with janice :)

know what? we are the DATINs hahaha!

Other pictures from my camera,


the place,

This is an epic funny picture! Do you realise that three of us slunt to one side? hahaha, so funny right. by the way, I don't like my pinafore I am wearing my sister one so pek cek so small somemore like high-waist one. haha! So I look fat in that pinafore,

Beloved Tracy and Suyee ♥

En with Suyee

Beloved en and I ♥

Vain po,

Tracy ♥ hahaha look at bing so cute!

Tracy's hand the photobomb!

Look at this,

It was a pen -,- lmao very hard to use so zhangyik said that it was a very bad design haha!

Lastly, I'll end this post with a lovely pic of en and I :P

Quotes of the day : If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you may as well think big.
Donald Trump – real estate entrepreneur

So, where should I go? haha.
I think the main problem is,
what should I take up after spm?
I'm so indecisive. Pathetic.

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