Saturday, November 13, 2010

Best School Ever ♥

It's one day before graduation again. Buddies and I decided to go round the school and take pictures.

You know, I'll miss every parts and corners of the school. Because, this is my school!

Will try to visit my school as often as I can :) I love you Kwang Hua ♥

Science labs' staircase

Science labs' mirror

 Stupid gate which always blocked us last year

Puan Norashikin's car heh heh heh

Mr. Lim Kong Yew's motorcar, but as you see, we blocked the whole thing haha!

TREE at the my favourite place ♥

super windy place can :)

Fishyyyyyy :P

That day, we too celebrated November and December babies' birthday. There were 4 of them.

Chunglun, Engseng, Zhixiang, Meicheng ♥

*Pictures below are from my beloved Yi Lin*

the sampat guys on the fied ♥

Told ya, Jia Wei kena rogol hahahaha!

Ohhhhh, the twin! ♥

Lastly I'll end this simple post with a picture of Yilin and I ♥ Thank you for being so friendly girl. It's really nice to know you muackx! hehehehe.

I really don't know how to start my graduation post. so emo can.


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