Saturday, November 27, 2010

The inside and the outside

*the original picture is not like that, I have no idea why it will rotate by itselt*

Well, this is dessert at Lucky Jelly :) hehehe!
My love!

You know what, yesterday after my sister came back from Alfred's tuition class,
and below are conversation of alfred and my sister.

Alfred : eh, how's your sister doing?
sister : okay ar. very good lor.
Alfred talking to the whole class : her sister is a bit special one, because she never got nervous!
sister : ...................

So sister told me about this and I laughed my ass off.
How he knew that I never got nervous? hahaha so funny.
so I pun told my dad about this and my dad laughed as well.

Dad : Alfred didn't know you. He knew you in the outside but didn't know you in the inside.
Me : how to say?
Dad : You look NOT nervous on the outside but I know that you are nervous like hell in the inside.

I am seriously not nervous about SPM.
just very pek cek because need to study sciences now.
I damn hate sciences and everytime I study I surely
will bite my book and tear some pages into pieces.
Not because of that I am nervous, is because of
I don't feel like reading everytime.


OH Alfred you know me so well. hahahaha daddy you think too much liao!


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