Sunday, November 28, 2010

Devil wins

*I super love this picture :)*

It's an imperfect Sunday.
SPM papers are going to be continued tomorrow.
Damn sad :(

Well you know, I have two person in me. 
One side of me is angel, another side of me is evil devil. 
So, they are always fighting and arguing,
especially during the time when I need to go to bed.

Angel : sp faster go study lea, to get a better result.
Devil : study so much for what? go sleep better lah you.
Angel : you need to sacrifice your sleeping time to study! 
Devil : don't need one. you sacrifice your sleep you will look even uglier d. 
Angel : Nooooo, just for few hours what. study more!
Devil : you need to take care of your skin. go have a 美容觉.
Angel : now is not the time for 美容觉, is the time to pia chek.
Devil : chek everytime also pia bu wan one. You need to pamper yourself more.
Angel : Pamper also must see if is the right time, please go study!

so there you go, the argument becomes

Sigh but I tell you the result,
in the end, devil wins and I go to bed super early.
Angel ah angel, can you be more powerful please?
I seriously need your help.


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