Thursday, November 25, 2010

Extreme Cheesy Pizza!

First time trying this, I think that it's okay only. Not as good as I have expected. I think I will prefer the original cheese woooots :)

My mum just received an article saying that,



I think the article is somehow true, so I should really reduce the intake of cheeses, yogurts, vitagens, yakult and all :( so damn sad can. But I think every food is good and is also bad in some way. So just balance them, then you can eat everything again! yeay :P hahaha. *I am crapping ignore me*

Well, Day 3 is OVER is OVER is OVER is OVER!
Sejarah is super OVER is super OVER is super OVER!
One week is OVER too is OVER too is OVER too!
No more sejarah in my life (I guess) hahaha!

Now, I should really start preparing for my science subjects,
although I don't aim for an A, but I think I should not be too lan
at least must get an A- ba? hahaha :)

Say, good luck to me! ;)

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