Thursday, November 18, 2010


After graduation ceremony in school, classmates and I had a little gathering at Mei Cheng's place :)

We were chilling in her beautiful house :) thanks to her mama and maid for preparing yummilicious food for us, and the guys for going out to tabao domino pizza :) hehehe!

My beloved Tracy and I

Sweet girl Wan Huay and I

I like this picture! hahahaha, but someone zilian said they are f4 of 5s1 haha!

Like or not?

Good good Thuan Song and I

The Datins and the Yati

I like this pic ehhhh

hahahaha, Jia Wei taught me to play this ...... don't know what game!


Then, all of us huddle round on the grass side and played some 真心话游戏. Um, quite emo lah. duh XD

Hahahaha, ah boon's tummy is always the victim!


En En and I

Tracy and I

Molly molly

Vanessa Da Jie

Yann Herng :)

Bird face hahaha!

Jia Wei :)

Elic Yi li!

Zhangyik my pet brother oh yea :D

Wei Neng the perasan one :)

Ah boon the gayish one xD

Alright, sorry for the short short captions. I really didn't know what to write, because these were all feelings. And know what, I am not good in expressing my feelings. hahaha!

So lastly, I'll end my entry with a funny edited pic!


Hahahaha, so sorry molly and eric you guys were light bulbs blehhhhh :P

I ♥ You, my friends!

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