Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where is my passion?

I lost my passion towards life.
I think life is kind of boring.

You know,
I even lose my passion towards shopping,
shopping you know???

Yesterday I went for a little shop at Aeon after Alfred's class.
I bought nothing, I couldn't even buy a cloth or a book.
I found everything was so meaningless and why should I buy?

And, I am getting sick of those double person!
everyday pura-pura and acts differently in different places.
Can you stop doing that is very disgusting you know?
You are the one doing that so you don't know how geli is that.

Plus all the natural disasters which happen recently in different
corner of the world makes me feel so sad.
I think the world is collapsing.

And, to certain people (you know who you are)
Please respect other people can?
Don't think you are the greatest or whatsoever.
You are just bullshitting.

Don't worry people, I am just being a little emo because
I am seriously sick of studying. I know it is very important,
but can you give me some time to breathe?
I know what I am doing, or maybe I don't know at all.
But hey, do you know the feelings of sitting for like N times of exam a year?
Generation changes, you can't take this to compare. It is superly unfair.
This is what we call Generation Gap.

Oh by the way, I said I wanted to share quotes with you guys right?
I hope that the quote can help me, or whoever is reading.

The energy of the mind if the essence of life.
Aristotle – philosopher

Mind is super important. It controls everything.
So I might as well start thinking good ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Secret: to teen power

Thank you Tracy for sharing this book with me :)
It's really good and I hope I can make use of the secret.

love it alot, most of the facts sound good, but of course
they are hard to be achieved. so, don't just talk,
do something which is meaningful for myself. I am recently
so duo luo until I cannot tahan. haha!

and also, there are lots of good quotes in the secret.
so I might as well share the quotes with you guys here ;)
( but I always forget ) haha.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought,
what we think, we become.
- Buddha, spiritual teacher -
thus, think good and feel good.
the universe will eventually react to you
and you will get what you want.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

School Life

This post is so random, most of the pictures are not related to each other.

School life recently is like sien dao bao zha, I am not going to do any homeworks in school ( I don't know why I can't) and most of my classmates, alright almost all of them are always doing their homeworks or exercises very diligently. So I am like a super sien person, loitering around the class doing nothing, kacau people, doing nonsense and what not. So the most buddy of mine I think it will be ah boon because he is as duo luo as I am. hahahaha, jia you lah :)

This is super nice right? A home sweet home, somemore cute :)
*sivik project titled recyling something like that*

and look at this, simple but I like it.  hahaha :P

It came back like that owhh !

Tracy brought her chocolates to school and of course, how could I resist CHOCOLATES!

so good,

hahaha ah boon my duo luo partner zzz -,-

hahaha I think this picture is uber cute,

went to the benches there on a Wednesday, to get some fresh air and free our mind,

I just love this place in school,

wei neng's table decoration, he sibeh zilian one, :P

I think he changed alot after being in love, woohoo hahaha!

my class, stressed but let's change it to desserts, agree?

well well well, this is my favourite place of all because I want to be under the fan, right under! super hot lah the weather :(

hahahaha I have no idea what was he doing at that time,

let's dance!

tracy wanted to show me that I peed, but I don't think I look like one, heh heh.

TRK stands for? Tan Rongkai :P

let me present you,
en's drawing!

tracy's and zhangyik's one, can you see the difference oh?

hahaha a killer's eyes xD

act poor sangat,

crazy and gayish guys,

I personally think that this picture is cute, set it as your profile pic eric! hahaha,

and I personally think that this picture is so not cute,

my beloved musketeers,

I don't look nice at all with the hat on because I have my hair tied up and I just look weird because I must take care of my tidy hair,

this is uber nice because she has a short hair and can wear comfortably :)

en en,

zhangyik hahaha!

of course, I'll still end this post with a picture of mine,

school life is boring, yes is boring but I shall enjoy the moment wearing my pinafore before I graduate. I don't know how it would be after that but at least I know, I love the way it is now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheese Doughnuts

It was Wednesday, I mean, last Wednesday :P
(zhi xiang told me that my posts are always about some incidents N days ago haha)

* I know I look ugly smiling showing my teeth *

*Pictures were all from Tracy*

well, every month my classmates will celebrate with the birthday babies of that particular month. so this time around, they were celebrating september and october babies. I am the only september baby so, no harm combining both of them :D

okay they were singing birthday songs,

sweet :)

made a wish, why I so fast one!?

blew the candle, the guys were slow lah :P

receiving present from the classmates! but not all of them wrote I know, hahaha like I myself also skipped for the march celebration sinful fellow :P

tadaaaaaa, my lovely present and the cheesy doughnut hehe :)

After I saw what they wrote for me, I suddenly realized that I was so inferior compared to them. They really could squeeze their brain juices and write alot (I mean too much more than what I wrote for them). I never did that and I felt so ashamed. haha! Some of the words really meant a lot to me :) I love it, thank you very much :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bye bye kindergarten

It was my brother's graduation day at his kindergarten.
It was once my kindergarten too, but I only studied one year there.
I had changed three different kindergartens lol.

It was Methodist,

I didn't feel well there, ew.

my brother went up the stage to receive his trophy for writing stuff, lol.

look at his untidy clothes, gosh -,-

Everybody put on make up except for him, he insisted to NOT put any make-up that day if not he wouldn't perform or go up the stage, gosh so overbearing.

this was the second time on the stage for excellent student
wth he also could be? hahahaha lmao :P

He just wouldn't smile -,-

love this picture to the max! don't you think both of them really look alike? somemore got double chin :PPPP haha!

him with his trophies. I also got one but spoilt by my friends at that time.

hahahahaha, shall end this post with an ugly picture of mine :D