Monday, October 4, 2010

This is natural phenomena, not science

This week is the science week.

I have biology, physics and chemistry altogether then
it marks the end of the hell world.

Well, I really suffer this week.

You know, I hate science.
I super duper uber zuper hate it! :(
I don't know why?
Actually the story started when I was in standard four.

In standard four, we started to learn science.
And honestly I didn't understand much about it.
When the exam was around the corner,
my science teacher told us that all of us must get an A,
since we were all in the first class.

When the result came out,
that was the day I would remember forever.
She looked through the name list and said:
"yes, everyone got an A ... except for one."
(I guess it was me already)
And yes, the person was me.

It was so horrible and since that day,
I hated science a lot.
Even before that I already didn't like it but not so much.
was not that I got the lowest mark in the class,
but it was very obvious that I was very weak in science and
I really didn't like it.

When something happens, it just happens lah.
I am not going to find out what's inside the stupid thing.
and I don't find it interesting at all.

Some people like me are just so not into science.
My brain is simple, and I really dislike those complicated stuffs.
So I think you should not force me and science to go together, right?

It's like a couple.
If the boy doesn't like the girl, or the girl doesn't like the boy anymore,
just leave each other.
Don't bring more agony to both of them,
simple enough.

I cry everytime I read biology, chemistry or physics.
I yell and vent my anger on the books.
I scratch my head and bite my hands.
I even bite the books and spit on them.
sometimes I can go photocopy some of the pages 
so that I can tear them into pieces.
I feel like vomitting looking at the books.

and now, I really have no idea what else I can do.
I've used all the ways I can think of.

Haha, I know I am somehow so violent.
And I just lose my patience when
I come across science subjects.


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