Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have awesome classmates!

My classmates are awesome!
hahahaha, know why?

My birthday was already over like a thousand years ago but they still celebrated with me later on this Wednesday when the exam mood was all off. hahaha!

Well, I am the only September baby in class, so easy, celebrating with the October babies. hahaha! the sweet classmates bought us my favourite Big Apple Donut, somemore cheese flavour one. and some of them wrote sweet messages to me :) really like them a lot! and I noticed that I am so not-awesome because all the messages I wrote to my classmates in the previous months were quite short. hehehe because I always didn't know what to write other than Happy Birthday. -,- I know I am really super not-awesome!

No matter it is, really thanks a lot :) now, let us focus on our graduation day and of course you guys will never forget about SPM. Good luck and all the best!

I want to have a fantastic and awesome graduation day can?

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