Saturday, October 16, 2010


Came across a good book titled

It's one the best books I have ever read.
Thank you Tracy for sharing :)
I really really love you!

And one of the things inside is,
"we must feel grateful for what we have every moment, meaning every second"
so it asks us to list down things you appreciate each of everyday.

So today,
I am so grateful because of,

1. Thank you Evon for her beautiful house for the party! It's really great!
2. Thank you Tracy for the food and the ride and everything you did. :) It's so sweet.
3. Thank you the camerawomen jilyne and tracy for taking lots of memorable beautiful pictures for the gang!
4. Thank you bk for the ride home :) loved!
5. Thank you all the 6s-rians who come for the gathering, it is a great success this time :)
6. Thank you to tracy again because, because of you I think I actually learn something in the kitchen! wahahaha :P
7. Lastly, I thank all the people and jokes and memories who make my day a wonderful one, my buddies, my 6s :D


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