Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheese Doughnuts

It was Wednesday, I mean, last Wednesday :P
(zhi xiang told me that my posts are always about some incidents N days ago haha)

* I know I look ugly smiling showing my teeth *

*Pictures were all from Tracy*

well, every month my classmates will celebrate with the birthday babies of that particular month. so this time around, they were celebrating september and october babies. I am the only september baby so, no harm combining both of them :D

okay they were singing birthday songs,

sweet :)

made a wish, why I so fast one!?

blew the candle, the guys were slow lah :P

receiving present from the classmates! but not all of them wrote I know, hahaha like I myself also skipped for the march celebration sinful fellow :P

tadaaaaaa, my lovely present and the cheesy doughnut hehe :)

After I saw what they wrote for me, I suddenly realized that I was so inferior compared to them. They really could squeeze their brain juices and write alot (I mean too much more than what I wrote for them). I never did that and I felt so ashamed. haha! Some of the words really meant a lot to me :) I love it, thank you very much :D

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