Monday, October 11, 2010

I ♥ 6S

It was 5 days before my birthday.

Hehehehe, my birthday was coming together with
mid-autumn festival, aw so lang man! ♥


Alright, I think they at first wanted to surprise me but failed,
because eric came so late so everyone was waiting for him.

Then, they sang a birthday song for shao qian and I, the september babies.
Then, made wishes!
(I hope my wishes come true :P)

Blew the candle!
I blew faster than shao qian, he is a slowy.

cut the mooncake hehehe!

Group pic,
many of them didn't turn up that day because trial was on the next week.

they gave me a cute bear t-shirt :)

hahaha, I was the one cutting the mooncake.
Pro one lorrr :P

nahhhh, seeeeeee xD

Alright, time to nom nom.
It tasted goood :)
But, it would taste better if we ate earlier,
because it was like melt already -,-

shao qian and I said "GOOD" :)

Sei shao qian,
he wanted to take revenge of me uploading an ugly picture of him in my facebook.
So, he succeeded but I still like this pic cheh!

Back to class,
I opened up my present :)

Oh, it was a perfume :) apple one.

took it out,

opened it up,

tried it on, hahaha!

I didn't know what was so funny about that moment. lol!

Another sweet album prepared by en and tracy ♥

Laughing at those characters,

this was the first page.
I was short, I was fat and I was bald!

Whoever found me got 100 K!

Adoring the pictures :P

I want to thank my 6s a lot ;)


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