Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am still me

Can only upload ugly pictures of me because I look extra ugly recently.
Worn-out face, boring face, stress face, tired face, dreaming face and what not.

Well, I really didn't study last night.
I was a failure.
I planned to start my revision right at 12 am but
I went to bed at 1am without studying.

haha, so maybe you could guess what was I doing.
Online? Singing? Dancing? Dreaming?
anything except for Studying.

But, before I went to bed, I set my alarm at 1.30am.
Yes, I did wake up but delayed my alarm to 2am.
Yes, I woke up again but delayed my alarm straight to 6am
after some consideration.
I was thinking if I woke up at 6am I should can finish as much as possible.

Alright, again yes, I did wake up at 6am and delayed my alarm one hour later.
Again, I did the same thing at 7am.
I woke up at every interval of one hour just to delay my alarm.
So, I had an awful sleep.

I was feeling so bad to keep sleeping until the afternoon
but I just wanted to sleep.
So I was like wth, cannot sleep and cannot wake up. -,-

In the end, I woke up at 12.30pm,
still in the afternoon. but I got improvement from yesterday.
Teehee :P

Well, on the other hand I have some decisions to make already.
I really need some help, some help from the people who are more seniority.
Daddy suggests me to take up pure mathematics,
sister says maybe I can study actuarial science haha,
(my friends are going to deny about this)

Whatever I am up to,
just don't get anything related to pure sciences.


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