Monday, October 25, 2010

I smell graduation

Actually I am quite lazy to blog today. but how, I am an efficient blogger hahahaha! Just kidding, I don't blog good. I know.

Well, went to janice's place to prepare for the graduation performance. Time's running out so we have to really rush. Not many people turned up that day, but counted as okay lor.

En En

laptop laptop laptop

squeeze our brain juices

sama dengan saya sien punya people hehe :P

tracy you are so funny in this picture xD

the DJs xD

practising dance already, owh pek ceknya

khoon kheng wanted to peace but apparently epic failed hahahaha!

Don't you noticed that I was a boring people because I kept taking picture only had nothing much to do. hehe.

told you, she was like me blehhh :P


she was enjoying playing the piano, always lee hom lee hom aje xD

still busy

people were practising behind and look what we were doing,

Finally I am going to end this entry with an epic(influenced by pinny cham liao) funny post of me and eric,

Overall had a great day with the classmates, I really hope that our graduation day will be superb and fantastic! Can't wait :) Then SPM also must come faster so that I can freed from this bullshit earlier yay!

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