Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let's Party! ♥

It was evening already
so it was time to party!

Makan makan, everyone was so hungry!

vanessa jie and I :)
finally you came huh ♥

The girls, tracy, me, van, yenpeng ♥


haha I am ♥ing this picture with vanessa :)

the pro photographer with her canon DSLR
but I think canon S90 also very good already :D

The guys!

Gay shit :P

The girls ♥

I was eating my fried chicken wing so pek cekly
and the weather somemore was so hot. ugh!
It was a windless night.

People eating fried chicken wing around one table.
This feeling was so sweet and I love it :)
By the way, the chicken wings were supposed to be barbequed
but at last we just fried them because this was yummier and easier. :P

Group pic ♥
There were total of 27 of us :)
A super great success,
thanks everyone for coming :D

A really nice pic but it would be nicer if there was an extra guy who would let wei leong carried. lol!

Pinny was so obsessed with Bobby ♥

and so as sys :P

Loved picture but why got one guy one!? :PPP

Poooooor Bobby,
he had to be tied up all the time because
Elaine and I were scared of dogs and puppies.

I think he was half-drunk liao xD

I'll end this post with this picture,

Had a great night with the buddies, ♥ them all.

* Oh I can't wait for the next gathering in December already! *

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