Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A full full day.

I almost spend my whole day at sunway pyramid today.

Early in the morning, viv morning called me. =) hahaha. She guaranteed I wouldn't wake up if no one woke me up. Yea, she was a bit late but still thanks to her, mummy hadn't gone out for work. =) thanks ya girl. At her house, I went straight to her room while she dressed up. xp then I accidentally scared her youngest sister because she thought that I'm "that something" when she saw me sitting very still like a statue on viv's bed xp hahaha. sorrry ya! I didn't mean to scare you lor.

After breakfast, we took a bus to klang station and COINCIDENTALLY met kailing and pjing there =D hahahaha. We just said to meet at sunway lor. oh, yuan fen =D hahahaha.

Then, my shopping spree was ON! hahaha. xp I wanted to buy a lot of things, but I dare not to spend too much money because I still don't know how to earn money on my own. Sigh* just feel so guilty when I spend my parents' money like running water. I CAN'T do that. lol.

Very tired after shopping, or we could say that window shopping. Viv and I went to have cheeeeeeeeese cakes at secret recipe =) yummilicious! hahaha. A lot of ang mohs there. LOL. But I don't think that they are hot. =x sorry. hahaha. After cheese cake was finger-licking cheeeeezzzzzyyyyy wedges. =D hahahaha. Then, waited for my family to have dinner at Wendy. Then, at Yip's kitchen, lastly, took away Subway's sandwiches. -,- OMG. My tummy is expanding and I'm gaining weight here NOT in Penang! OMG. -,- sigh*

Sent viv home very late. -,- I'm so sorry. I hope that your daddy won't scold you for that huh. xp

Have a nice talk with the girls. =D hehehe.

I love life like this. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's all crap.

Just post some pictures here to make my blog colourful. xp but they're all crap. hahahaha.

This was what I did all the way to butterworth.

he was actually singing.

lan si heng. xp

he just love to act cute. xp

see? good sister.
I was checking my sister's homeworks.

I personally like this picture. =P

nah, she WAS so diligent.

Then at night, we went for dinner.

this four dishes cost us about RM500.

lunch on second day.
see, I was doing the same thing again.

daiiiiiiiii xp

yeah, my NEW MOON. =D
can't wait!

third day.
was doing the same thing AGAIN.

two super zi lian po. xp


I miss home.

ahahahahahahaha. =) I am finally back at home! phewwww.

I've been feeling so bored there until I am gone a bit crazyyyyyyyyyy dah. Not a bit, is extremely CRAZY. xp hahahaha. I read a lot there. Because I have really nothing to do. The internet connection is slow. Food there is super good, I mean better than good but I need to control my diet you know. -,- I want to watch tv but stupid brothers are playing PS all the time. STUPID. NO tv, no food, no online, no shopping .. urgh! can you imagine? I must have get mad if I never bring my NEW MOON there. xp *and good news, I am proceeding to ECLIPSE now. =D hahahahahahahahahahaha.

And now, I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkk =D I can go shopping, go online, go for classes, meet friends, meet him. =D hehehehehe.

Yes, I love holidays! =D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm still here.

Erhem, papa changes his mind. We are going back tomorrow morning. =) So sorry St.John guys, I can't help out at HQ tomorrow morning also.

Duhh, I actually plan to buy that stupid dress before I go back. But, no one is free to drive me to Subang. Sigh* Nevermind, I'll go check out when I come back. And he promises to buy that for me. xp wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ~ *only if the price is reasonable. blabla.

Today is a soooooooooo boring day for me. Wake up early in the morning just only to go to school to get that stupid report card. -,- I am home in one hour time I guess. Then, the whole day I am in front of the tv. Watch MR.BEAN most of the time. -,- zzzz. I am too bored, really. Have pizza for dinner. So super full and I am going to gain weight again. Take note, it's very easy for me to gain weight. =( Some people like HIM will never gain even 1KG although they eat alot. ENVY* so unfair lah. =P

And, I skip GT tuition class today again. -,- Next week I am not going also. OMG, I feel so sorry lea. xp hehehe. Sorry for skipping your class because I am really feeling very lazy. And I haven't complete your homeworks. blehh. xp bu hao yi si.

Have ice-creams for my supper. woohooooooooo. So nice. hehehehe.

I seriously can't wait for NEW MOON! =D

Friday, November 20, 2009

Balik kampung.

Okay, the title explains everything.

Balik kampung ----- ohhhhhhhhhh ---- balik kampung .... lalalalala.

Ughhhhhhh. I am going to be FAT again. So, you know where is my hometown huh? =)

I will be super bored there i guess. But, I MUST bear with it! duh.

Hope that I'll have fun =P teehee.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, will be back four days later.

And umm, I desperately want to go to SP to buy that dress !!!!!!!!! =(

But, he says he will buy that for me. xp yayyyyyyyyyy !!!!! wulalalala xp hahahahaha. so happy.

Miss you guys =)

With the girls. =)

Wednesday, I went out with the girls. And this time, I really got my daddy's permission xp hahahahaha.

There, I watched 2012 again -,- That was the second time, and I think I'm going to watch for the third time. Duh, girls you know why xp hahaha. After the long 3 hours, we went for our late lunch at KIM GARY xp Yummmmyyy =D Then, viv and I went to secret recipe for cheese cakes after PJ and KL went back. Super yummilicious! xp hahahaha. Still not enough, went to KFC wanted to have the finger-licking cheezzzyyy wedges. Who knows, we queued up for so long, and then when it was our turn, the person told us "COUNTER CLOSED" and asked us to queue at the other counters. STUPID! How NO systematic man. We came much earlier than those people loh and we needed to queue behind them? How unfair. STUPID.

Fine, we went to the opposite McD to have ice-cream xp hahahaha. All fattening foods. We sat down, licking and scolding KFC xp Then it was time to go home, we walked pass KFC and saw the three guys who queued behind us just now were only ordering food at that time. -,- duh, pity them. We've already finished the whole ice-cream lah. Luckily we were not so stupid to queue again. STUPID.

I want a part-time job. =(

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snakes and ladders.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! =D hahahahaha. sorry for posting my vain picture at the first place.

Monday night, I was playing 'Snakes and Ladders' with my little brother =) hahahaha. At first he invited me for the game because nobody wanted to play with him. Fine, i'm a GOOD sister. xp Play play play, and he won the first game. Then I was like addicted already. xp Asked him for the second game *because i wanted to win xp bleh.

Suddenly, he said something.

"大姐你为什么跟蛇谈恋爱?" Then I asked him why. He said "因为你一直给蛇吃掉嘛." Fine fine. Kids are kids, they never think before they speak. xp Then when he got eaten by the snake, i pitied him and said "yorr, so cham horr." Who knew he replied "不用紧你比我更惨!" -,- stupid kid. Then when I could climb a ladder, I say "yes!" again, he said something. He said "cheh, 我比你好咯!"


can I be a kid, too? =) hehehehe.

They laugh whenever they are happy. They cry whenever they feel sad. They can complain when they are dissatified. Sigh* but me, just accidentally said something wrong then I was penalized. And the something wrong was just like what my brother had said, I mean, the tahap xp hahahaha. Soooo BO GAI right? I don't know why some people are so NOT generous to care about all those nonsense. I never understand.

Anyway, I'm sorry =)

Well, life is actually very like the snakes and ladders game. Sometimes, you have good times =) You keep on climbing and climbing till the very top, but do you realize, there are more snakes are waiting for you up there. The higher you are, the easier you can fall. On the other hand, when you keep on falling, don't frown =) More climbs are waiting for you down there. As long as you are determine to go on, you never give up, there is still hope. =)

There are always ups and downs in life. No always the ups and no always the downs as well. So, BE HAPPY =)

Crazy evening.

Yeah, finally my aunt could fetch me there =) so happy!


en and tracy =D

BK and ZY =D

so high!


he was trying to imitate MJ. -,-

after some hours. xp

Eric and RK.

Although only quite little people went there, but it was fun being together with the old friends =D hahaha.

Looking forward to the next gathering =)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I need a driver.

Desperately, I need a driver ...............

Really really need it.

sigh =(

Today, I suppose to meet my buddies at Aeon *again* either in the morning or afternoon. HAHAHA, who knows, this oversleep queen oversleep today =) and when she wakes up, nobody is at home and nobody is here to fetch her there. Fine fine, she padan muka! hmph.

She calls a taxi but unfortunately the driver's car is not working at this time.
She calls her aunt but sadly her aunt is at work now.
She calls her pet brother but too bad he is at eric's place already. -,-

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Maybe, this is my fate today? God tells me that I am not suppose to go out. I should be tame and stay at home? hahahaha. *not funny, at all.*

Sigh. =( Nevermind, I shall not oversleep again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We were warned.


Today is a bright and pleasant day. =) Thank God.

Ummm, daddy wakes me up EARLY in the morning to have my lunch. Sigh, no choice. I have to wake up because the whole family is waiting for sister and I. Quickly dress myself up, and head to Aeon AGAIN. -,- Always only this place in klang. Sigh. Then ermmm, have Papa John for the very first time, umm, I comment it NOT BAD. xD After that, sooo lucky, I manage to purchase six 2012 tickets when all the sessions are FULL. soo terrible man.

We still have about two hours before the movie commences. So, as usual, sister and I go shopping and loitering in the mall for two hours. Yeah, buy something again. xp heh heh.

The movie 2012 takes sooo long time. I think almost three hours. The movie is very sad and scary for me. I think I need to watch for the second time, like the other movies. =P Friends, you know what i mean. heh heh. Ummm, hope that 2012 will not happen in reality, because the scenes are really horrible, although very geh geh lah. xp hahahahaha.

Oh, meet wei pin and my beloved YINLI. =) hehehe. Seriously, I miss you a lot girl! Forget to ask, how do you do? =)

Come home, dinner is prepared. Ahhh, terus eat.

Thanks to God for giving me a pleasant day. =) Thank you. hehehehe.

Love is irrational.

Well, feeling better from yesterday till now. =) Trillion Thank Yous to HIM. Yes, the only him. But, wound is still the wound. When I see him, I still feel hurt and upset. My heart will ache suddenly and it keeps on aching. The wound will heal, someday. But the scar will forever be there.

Hmmm, words hurt.

I wish I won't have to speak from now on. But sadly, I love to speak. =(

So, just let it be. It will fade. I guess.

* * *

I am finally proceeding with my new moon today. =) hehehe. I know I'm slow. But no choice, I am always very slow in reading because i seldom read. =) hahaha. Umm, came across to this just now.

"Love is irrational. The more you loved someone, the less sense anything made."

That's very true.

Ummm, I am thinking to change my blog url. what do you think? *-)


Friday, went to nowhere but delta and after that en's house. Okay, undeniably i love gt at that night because she was FINALLY punctual. =) hehehe. Then to en's house for a movie =DDDD the feeling was so great! We watched bride wars. =) I prefer to watch movie at her house lah, compared to cinema. Need to pay somemore. -,-

That night was so great, but only until 11.30pm.

Then, disaster happened.

你每天笑脸迎人, 别人就以为你不会哭.
当你哭了, 别人就会觉得那只是虚伪.

你每天都很正经, 别人就以为你是一个很成熟的人.
若有一天, 你变得很幼稚, 别人就会觉得你神经病.

你每一次都考得好成绩, 别人就以为你很聪明.
若有一次, 你失败了, 你就大祸临头.

你每一次都对别人好, 别人就以为那是理所当然.
若你一不小心对他人不好, 别人就觉得你变了, 变得很烂.

这就是人. 我也是人. 无可否认, 我也是这样.

* 大人和小孩也是人啊! *

I know I am lousy, and i am really saying that I AM LOUSY. so why can't you think in a simpler way? I don't mean anything and you, think so much, and think that I mean something. Okay, fine. I don't have anymore things to say.

I'm really really upset. And, I don't want to mention about that anymore. To friends who are very concern about this matter, thank you for your concern =) I know you care about me. But, thank you. I really don't want to speak about that matter.

Love is shit. No matter what kind of love is that.

This whole world is full of SHIT.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm just too free to blog.

I just love to close my eyes. Sigh* Firstly, i hate my eyes. -,- One big one small, very stupid one. LOL. Secondly, I also hate to see the reality and the selfish people beside me. =( But obviously, two super big and dark circles under my eyes. Still very ugly. LOL. *forget about it.

Ummmm, today in tuition class, OMG, the teacher 'finally' knows what is my name. Yorrr, banyak sui ni. xp he definitely asks me questions next time. SEI FOR, need to xia sui again. =P I don't like teachers to know who am i. Like our moral teacher, she really don't know who am I, and I'm so happy =) but too bad, last few days i talked too loud in class and she said "who is that girl? the whole year in class also never heard her voice, sekarang first time dengar dia punya suara." xp hahahahahha. of course lah, who wants to let you know ah. =P

After class, sister and I head to aeon AGAIN to go loitering. xp Sigh sigh sigh, both of us are getting crazier and crazier due to boredom, the super boredom. We really have nothing to do after exams and during the holidays. Maybe just go shopping? Somemore no money, what to shop duh? Ah, window shopping. Yeah, window shopping. xD But today, i bought something lah, thank you mummy =P hehehe. I know i love to spend, but forgive me, i'm a girl, normal girls like the others. hehehehe. =)

Well, not going to school tomorrow. Actually I should go, because i haven't complete my stupid oral test yet. And, I am afraid that teacher might deducts my marks, then I memang kolian. xp no! Is padan muka. LOL. So, should i go? But, lazy lah. Lazy lazy lazy.

Actually I can do alot of things during the holidays, but I am just so lazy. So, I will do nothing but keep on complaining the boredom. hahahaha. I'm like that, always very irony. I want to do something, but I also don't want to do that certain thing. I also don't know what i want. Like my father says, I'm very aimless and hopeless. People have their very own great dreams, but me, until now I still don't know what I want in life and which direction i should follow after graduation. As i know, most of my friends are working hard for their dreams.

I am too relaxed. hehehehe. =)

Well, sorry for the crapping. I'm just too free. =) hehehehehehe.

Lalalalala, happy holidays! xp

D' Tavern =)

Yesterday I had to skip my two hours class to celebrate mummy's birthday at D Tavern. Quite sad. =P


big papa, small papa. xp

Lastly, happy birthday =)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Greatest woman

Happy Happy Birthday to the greatest woman in the universe. *for me =)

mama always manja me one. Whatever i love to eat, she will buy for me very often. When I want something, she will get them for me. When I want to go to somewhere else, she will definitely say 'okay' and fetch me there if she's free. Ahh, i should complain nothing. =)

Happy Birthday Mum.

Don't worry, you are still young, not old yet. =)

I love you.

Muahhhhhhhh =)

I am not crying.

When I cry, there are different situations.

Sometimes, I cry because I really want to cry. Meaning, I'm feeling sad or depressed lah. But NOT every time.
I can cry because I am too happy. I can also cry when I am very touched. Right?
I can even cry, I mean tears rolling down my cheeks when I yawn non-stop. xp
Sometimes when my lenses become very dry, so I drip some solution into my eyes, then it also looks like I'm crying what. -,-

So, tears appearing in my eyes doesn't mean that I am crying! LOL. -,-

*some people are really funny. xD*

* * *

As usual, wake up early in the morning, get myself prepared to school, go to school, daydream in class, go to toilet for N times because I have nowhere to go, come back home, eat, bathe, sleep, online and bla bla bla. Nothing more than else to do already. -,- aduhaiiiii, current school life is memang banyak miserable. Somemore, some teachers are teaching again! Give homeworks lah. so boring! sigh*

And now, I am facing conflicts, again. He says that I love to find problems. LOL. So irony lah, don't know what to do. -,- Life's like that, if there is no problem at all, then your brain will not be functioning and that is not called LIFE. sigh*


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kids are just so cute!

Last Sunday, I met all my cutie cute cousins.

the prettiest sisters.

the mei mei.

take 2.
aiyor, so CUTE. =D


another cousin sister joined them.

so sweet-looking.

but they are bad!
rampas my haagen dazs ice-cream! =(

aha! these were yesterday pictures.
Brother played piano for ME xp
how hang fuk. =P

he said "da jie, which song do you want to listen worr?"

then he played seriously. -,- xp

then, when i wanted to leave him, he said again "大姐你不要听 liao meh?"
aduiii xp i laughed instantly. hahahaha.

Being a kid is sooo nice.
Kids are very ignorance.
When they are happy, they can laugh very loudly.
When they are sad, they can cry lagi loudly. xp

Love kids. =)

Belated pictures.

These are last Saturday's pictures. very little only, because shopping is our concentration. =D hahaha.

breakfast time.
viv and pjing =D

kl horrr. xp

got cha.

pjing mummy xp

wakakaka. =x

I was not managed to take kc's picture. LOL.
At night after class, mummy brought sister and I to FUNA ZUSHI for dinner. =D yeahhhhh. NICEEEE.

I looked bored.

and she looked so high.

can you see?



that's all xp
Ummmmm, met weisheng and woonya there. -,- xp hahaha. what a coincidence.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hahahahaha, today is quite "F.U.N." xp

I sleep until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Hahahaha. xp it's so fun not going to school. lol. =P No assembly, no spotcheck, no boredom, no lepak, no teachers, no books, no papers, no results. hahaha. xp but si en tells me none of the papers are returned today and add maths teacher teaches a little. -,- adui.

But at home, my laziness leads me not to do anything and drags everything behind. So i think, it's actually the same. xp hahaha. after exam, i feel so lifeless. But, during exam, i feel so fed up and stressful somemore. *irony* sigh.

Ummmmm, sister suggests me to write a to-do-list so that i can have aims during the holidays. I tried before, but it's useless. I will still ignore everything. xp hahaha.

I also don't know exactly what i love to do. xp *bang the wall!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sleep till faint. xp

Ummm, today, I wake up at 3pm in the afternoon. -,- So super late! OMG. Then when i wake up, my stomach start to acheeeeeeee! I feel so muchhhh pain. Urghhh, it aches still 5 something and it is still aching. Feel so fed up! No choice, i eat panadol to ease the pain. Then i start to sleep again xD hahahaha. sleep sleep sleep, i am too good in sleeping.

sleep pig! -,-

I waste my whole day sleeping like that. Really hate myself lah. aduiiiiiiiiii. =(

Stupid stomach, feel like pulling it out! urgh.

Shop till drop.

Yeayyyyyyy =) Yesterday went to sunway pyramid with the girls. Luckily viv morning called me in the morning, if not i sure oversleep again. xp Kl was sick that day, too bad =( sigh* Nevermind, we still shopped a lot. xp hahahaha, but bought a little.

* pictures will be uploaded later. But only very very little. Because we don't have the mood to take pictures. xp hahaha.

Ummm, went back early with viv because i have my two hours class after that. -,- sigh*

Then at night, mummy brought us to go shopping again. xD lol. I almost lemas baju on that night. The shop assistant kept on giving me clothes for trying. Aduhhhhhh. -,- I felt like running away from that place. xD soooooo KONG BU. =x Then the shop was closing up, they still didn't want to let us go. Keep on try try try and ask us to buy buy buy. -,- *faint*

Legs are super pain now. My muscles are getting so keat. ADUH.

Friday, November 6, 2009

kaki aeon

Well, went to aeon twice today!! -,- sigh*

Today i suppose to wake up at 7 something, the latest also 7.30am.

Then i receive a phone call from en at 10 something. -,- woah! oversleep again. ADUHAI! I quickly get myself prepared and ask mummy to fetch me to aeon. -,- Meet en there and we go shopping with sze chin too =) hehehehe. Bought very very little things only, i don't feel like spending too much money today. =) hehehe. After both the girls are back, i go loitering around in the mall, doing nothing with the love one =) hehehe, and with zy and sh. OMG, a stupid fellow snatched her handbag yesterday at eng ann. aduiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, so BAD! stupiak.

After gt tuition class, mummy bring us to aeon again. o.o ADUIIII, sister and I go shopping again lorr. sigh* so boring there, nothing to buy, nothing to shop. urgh.

* * *

Guess most of you watch the Queen of no Marriage right? I watch too, sometimes. hehehehe.

男人和女人说谎是有分别的. "男人说谎, 是要让自己好过一点. 女人说谎, 是要让对方好过一点." 是真的吗? 我不觉得. 或许是, 但不是每个男人都这样.

no offence.

I love you. =) *I'm excited! hehe xp

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Okay, i find that i am now becoming normal already. =) isn't this improving? hehehe. and WE are also improving, i think so. =)

Yesterday I am feeling very unsecured, can't sleep. Therefore i just laid on the bed for don't know how long, then slowly dozed off. lol, hate that. Today woke up early in the morning as usual, i never think to skip schools, i don't know why. xp Maybe at home, i have nothing to do as well.

Erm, school today is still Boring. hahahaha. Biology teacher let us carry out an experiment. woahhhh, i am so serious today, finally! xp hahahaha. I always play and play and play in the lab only, never want to be serious. Then we somemore shake ourselves because the 87 marks one asks us to shake. xp hahahahaha. *this is an inside joke* Um, skip classes most of the time. I'm so bored staying in class doing nothing. xp yea, actually i have lots of homeworks to do, but, where that mood comes from? I just bring them to school for fun.

Tomorrow is the form fives' graduation day. =) hehehe. I don't really have any good friends there, therefore i guess i might not be going to school. And also due to transportation problem. -,- zzzz. Anyway, i still want to wish all my seniors and friends there, enjoy your big day and good luck, all the best in spm and also in the future. =)

I'm hungry again. -,- *sifeipo*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


今天我的情绪起伏很大. 哈哈哈哈...

我想, 身边的人都应该不是很受得了吧?




k chill. =) Today is a quite pleasant day for me although some really unpleasant matters happen after school. =D hehehehe. But, i know, happiness will not last long. So, just appreciate what you are having NOW. 珍惜当下, 别让自己后悔.=) I don't know when everything will come to an end. 顺其自然吧!=)

I know all these are going very wrong, but there is no u-turn for me. I have to be responsible and accept what i have chosen, and lastly, keep on moving =D hehehe. for a better tomorrow? hope so.

Trying to behave normally.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Being optimistic.

Well, try to be more optimistic. =D hehehehe.

Hmmmm, during the holidays, I want to ...
1. watch 2012
2. watch new moon =)
3. go for holidays with the girls =)
4. go for prom
5. go for holidays with my family =)
6. complete my homeworks
7. exercise more *i'm getting fat lah duh.
8. and .. a lot more. xp

Maybe it's still very boring, but at least i have something to do, have something that I CAN DO. -,- lol.

School is very very very boring today. I was sleeping in the class. And, the biology teacher was teaching again! ADUIIIII. -,- I am very phobia of her "let us continue ho". Everytime also teach teach teach teach teach, rush rush rush rush rush, a bit like NORMAN TAI SI. xp sorry lah. hehehe.

* for my beloved one. =)

"舍得, 舍得, 有舍才有得." 看开一点吧! =) 我们永远在你的身边支持你的.=)

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, school is super boring recently. After exam, I have nothing to do during the weekdays. Maybe just tuition classes and other classes to attend. Other time, i would probably just online or sleep at home. -,- Can i don't practise daily life routine? It's so super BORING. I want to go out, and have fun, but i don't know why parents dislike us to go out. ADUIIII. -,- geram!

Exam results are still satisfying till now. =) hehehe. Yea, ONLY for me, not for my parents or some of my classmates. hahaha. xp One of them somemore get HUNDRED marks for the bloody hell add maths. So bian tai. xp hahaha. Being in this class, i should be prepared - stressssssss is in the air. xp wahahaha.

Yorrr yorr yorrrr, I want to have fun, FUN FUN FUN, where are you? Yorrr, i thought after exams i should be really having fun and relaxing, but who knows, terbalik. -,- Not really having fun, and not relaxing also. Those form five tuition classes are commencing, so stupid! LIFELESS. bullshit the syllabus.

* * *

Forget about it. sigh*

Well, i think viv is very frus recently. =( too bad. She's still not forgetting about her past. But i understand, it's very difficult for her. Because she fell too deep into the trap, it's super difficult to climb up of course. Nevermind, slowly. =) we will all always support you. =) hehehe. Learn from mummy, she's strong! xp

Pjing lea, becoming normal. =D hahahaha. Sooo happyyyyyy =) hehehehe. And, we are planning for outingssss =D yeahhhh !! Kc lea, always enjoying and playing in her class. xp hahaha. Kl, aha, she is always blur and happy go lucky. xp yeayyy =p

* urghhhhh, find something else to do. toooodless.

Exhausted but happy =)

Hahahaha, yesterday went to sunway pyramid with en. =) hehehehe. It was one of the shopping plans after exam. =P hehehehe. Daddy brought us to lunch at emperial. and then, drove us there. xppppppp woohoo !! thank you =) hehehe.

@ catch up.
too blurrr =x

en and I =)

@ aunt anne.

aduiiiiiii, blurr.

Around 5.30pm, we headed to kong hoe by bus. OMG, the bus actually passed by the school, but both of us failed to stop the driver. -,- No choice, went to the school ON FOOT. OMG. -,- so terrible.

It was quite boring at first. Therefore i just randomly took some pictures, but all so blurr. =x Then, an uncle who sat behind me taught me how to use the camera in the right way because we were using the same "dna" of camera. xp wahahaha. so noob lah me. Anyway, there are still friendly and nice people around us. =) hehe.

First picture after i learnt how to take photos.
zzz. xp

Boring boring boring for at least one hour. Then, the concert finally commenced !!! yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa. xp hehehe.

the dancers. they are sooo great! =D
I personally like the second girl from the right, bottom one.

celebrities came on the stage after that.


Andrew chen shi an =)
and the dancer who i personally like so much. I'll call her 'she' because i don't know her name. Paiseh paiseh. xp

stella and andrew. =)

hahaha, a "celebrity" among teachers.

ching =)

deng deng, sorry that i only captured 'her' figure. =)

another celebrity from overseas.


aduiiii xp she looks so cute, isn't she? =)


!!! =D


so CUTE.



All dancers. =D
and spot 'her' xp
ps : i'm NOT lesbian yah. xp

woah. xp

leng zaisss.

OMG, leng lui !!!!!!!!!!! =D

she looks so attractive. xp

sorry lah, i'm not very interested with those singers. =x
forgive me please. -,-

she was dancing with andrew? or john? i think is John. xp

princes charming. =)
Stella, Andrew in the middle and John.

at the very last part.
they are soo great !
they danced from the very first song till the very last song.
Give them a loud applause. xp hehehehe.

stella, bying, john, and ... ? xp

tracy xp

all the dancers, in red ! =D

yeah, pose !

Then, en's mum drove me home. xp hehehehe.
randomly took my sister's picture. =x shhhhh.

Well, a pleasant but exhausting day. xp hehehehehe.