Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm just too free to blog.

I just love to close my eyes. Sigh* Firstly, i hate my eyes. -,- One big one small, very stupid one. LOL. Secondly, I also hate to see the reality and the selfish people beside me. =( But obviously, two super big and dark circles under my eyes. Still very ugly. LOL. *forget about it.

Ummmm, today in tuition class, OMG, the teacher 'finally' knows what is my name. Yorrr, banyak sui ni. xp he definitely asks me questions next time. SEI FOR, need to xia sui again. =P I don't like teachers to know who am i. Like our moral teacher, she really don't know who am I, and I'm so happy =) but too bad, last few days i talked too loud in class and she said "who is that girl? the whole year in class also never heard her voice, sekarang first time dengar dia punya suara." xp hahahahahha. of course lah, who wants to let you know ah. =P

After class, sister and I head to aeon AGAIN to go loitering. xp Sigh sigh sigh, both of us are getting crazier and crazier due to boredom, the super boredom. We really have nothing to do after exams and during the holidays. Maybe just go shopping? Somemore no money, what to shop duh? Ah, window shopping. Yeah, window shopping. xD But today, i bought something lah, thank you mummy =P hehehe. I know i love to spend, but forgive me, i'm a girl, normal girls like the others. hehehehe. =)

Well, not going to school tomorrow. Actually I should go, because i haven't complete my stupid oral test yet. And, I am afraid that teacher might deducts my marks, then I memang kolian. xp no! Is padan muka. LOL. So, should i go? But, lazy lah. Lazy lazy lazy.

Actually I can do alot of things during the holidays, but I am just so lazy. So, I will do nothing but keep on complaining the boredom. hahahaha. I'm like that, always very irony. I want to do something, but I also don't want to do that certain thing. I also don't know what i want. Like my father says, I'm very aimless and hopeless. People have their very own great dreams, but me, until now I still don't know what I want in life and which direction i should follow after graduation. As i know, most of my friends are working hard for their dreams.

I am too relaxed. hehehehe. =)

Well, sorry for the crapping. I'm just too free. =) hehehehehehe.

Lalalalala, happy holidays! xp

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