Friday, November 20, 2009

With the girls. =)

Wednesday, I went out with the girls. And this time, I really got my daddy's permission xp hahahahaha.

There, I watched 2012 again -,- That was the second time, and I think I'm going to watch for the third time. Duh, girls you know why xp hahaha. After the long 3 hours, we went for our late lunch at KIM GARY xp Yummmmyyy =D Then, viv and I went to secret recipe for cheese cakes after PJ and KL went back. Super yummilicious! xp hahahaha. Still not enough, went to KFC wanted to have the finger-licking cheezzzyyy wedges. Who knows, we queued up for so long, and then when it was our turn, the person told us "COUNTER CLOSED" and asked us to queue at the other counters. STUPID! How NO systematic man. We came much earlier than those people loh and we needed to queue behind them? How unfair. STUPID.

Fine, we went to the opposite McD to have ice-cream xp hahahaha. All fattening foods. We sat down, licking and scolding KFC xp Then it was time to go home, we walked pass KFC and saw the three guys who queued behind us just now were only ordering food at that time. -,- duh, pity them. We've already finished the whole ice-cream lah. Luckily we were not so stupid to queue again. STUPID.

I want a part-time job. =(

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