Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I miss home.

ahahahahahahaha. =) I am finally back at home! phewwww.

I've been feeling so bored there until I am gone a bit crazyyyyyyyyyy dah. Not a bit, is extremely CRAZY. xp hahahaha. I read a lot there. Because I have really nothing to do. The internet connection is slow. Food there is super good, I mean better than good but I need to control my diet you know. -,- I want to watch tv but stupid brothers are playing PS all the time. STUPID. NO tv, no food, no online, no shopping .. urgh! can you imagine? I must have get mad if I never bring my NEW MOON there. xp *and good news, I am proceeding to ECLIPSE now. =D hahahahahahahahahahaha.

And now, I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkk =D I can go shopping, go online, go for classes, meet friends, meet him. =D hehehehehe.

Yes, I love holidays! =D

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