Monday, November 2, 2009


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, school is super boring recently. After exam, I have nothing to do during the weekdays. Maybe just tuition classes and other classes to attend. Other time, i would probably just online or sleep at home. -,- Can i don't practise daily life routine? It's so super BORING. I want to go out, and have fun, but i don't know why parents dislike us to go out. ADUIIII. -,- geram!

Exam results are still satisfying till now. =) hehehe. Yea, ONLY for me, not for my parents or some of my classmates. hahaha. xp One of them somemore get HUNDRED marks for the bloody hell add maths. So bian tai. xp hahaha. Being in this class, i should be prepared - stressssssss is in the air. xp wahahaha.

Yorrr yorr yorrrr, I want to have fun, FUN FUN FUN, where are you? Yorrr, i thought after exams i should be really having fun and relaxing, but who knows, terbalik. -,- Not really having fun, and not relaxing also. Those form five tuition classes are commencing, so stupid! LIFELESS. bullshit the syllabus.

* * *

Forget about it. sigh*

Well, i think viv is very frus recently. =( too bad. She's still not forgetting about her past. But i understand, it's very difficult for her. Because she fell too deep into the trap, it's super difficult to climb up of course. Nevermind, slowly. =) we will all always support you. =) hehehe. Learn from mummy, she's strong! xp

Pjing lea, becoming normal. =D hahahaha. Sooo happyyyyyy =) hehehehe. And, we are planning for outingssss =D yeahhhh !! Kc lea, always enjoying and playing in her class. xp hahaha. Kl, aha, she is always blur and happy go lucky. xp yeayyy =p

* urghhhhh, find something else to do. toooodless.

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