Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A full full day.

I almost spend my whole day at sunway pyramid today.

Early in the morning, viv morning called me. =) hahaha. She guaranteed I wouldn't wake up if no one woke me up. Yea, she was a bit late but still thanks to her, mummy hadn't gone out for work. =) thanks ya girl. At her house, I went straight to her room while she dressed up. xp then I accidentally scared her youngest sister because she thought that I'm "that something" when she saw me sitting very still like a statue on viv's bed xp hahaha. sorrry ya! I didn't mean to scare you lor.

After breakfast, we took a bus to klang station and COINCIDENTALLY met kailing and pjing there =D hahahaha. We just said to meet at sunway lor. oh, yuan fen =D hahahaha.

Then, my shopping spree was ON! hahaha. xp I wanted to buy a lot of things, but I dare not to spend too much money because I still don't know how to earn money on my own. Sigh* just feel so guilty when I spend my parents' money like running water. I CAN'T do that. lol.

Very tired after shopping, or we could say that window shopping. Viv and I went to have cheeeeeeeeese cakes at secret recipe =) yummilicious! hahaha. A lot of ang mohs there. LOL. But I don't think that they are hot. =x sorry. hahaha. After cheese cake was finger-licking cheeeeezzzzzyyyyy wedges. =D hahahaha. Then, waited for my family to have dinner at Wendy. Then, at Yip's kitchen, lastly, took away Subway's sandwiches. -,- OMG. My tummy is expanding and I'm gaining weight here NOT in Penang! OMG. -,- sigh*

Sent viv home very late. -,- I'm so sorry. I hope that your daddy won't scold you for that huh. xp

Have a nice talk with the girls. =D hehehe.

I love life like this. :)

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