Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snakes and ladders.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! =D hahahahaha. sorry for posting my vain picture at the first place.

Monday night, I was playing 'Snakes and Ladders' with my little brother =) hahahaha. At first he invited me for the game because nobody wanted to play with him. Fine, i'm a GOOD sister. xp Play play play, and he won the first game. Then I was like addicted already. xp Asked him for the second game *because i wanted to win xp bleh.

Suddenly, he said something.

"大姐你为什么跟蛇谈恋爱?" Then I asked him why. He said "因为你一直给蛇吃掉嘛." Fine fine. Kids are kids, they never think before they speak. xp Then when he got eaten by the snake, i pitied him and said "yorr, so cham horr." Who knew he replied "不用紧你比我更惨!" -,- stupid kid. Then when I could climb a ladder, I say "yes!" again, he said something. He said "cheh, 我比你好咯!"


can I be a kid, too? =) hehehehe.

They laugh whenever they are happy. They cry whenever they feel sad. They can complain when they are dissatified. Sigh* but me, just accidentally said something wrong then I was penalized. And the something wrong was just like what my brother had said, I mean, the tahap xp hahahaha. Soooo BO GAI right? I don't know why some people are so NOT generous to care about all those nonsense. I never understand.

Anyway, I'm sorry =)

Well, life is actually very like the snakes and ladders game. Sometimes, you have good times =) You keep on climbing and climbing till the very top, but do you realize, there are more snakes are waiting for you up there. The higher you are, the easier you can fall. On the other hand, when you keep on falling, don't frown =) More climbs are waiting for you down there. As long as you are determine to go on, you never give up, there is still hope. =)

There are always ups and downs in life. No always the ups and no always the downs as well. So, BE HAPPY =)

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