Monday, November 9, 2009


Hahahahaha, today is quite "F.U.N." xp

I sleep until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Hahahaha. xp it's so fun not going to school. lol. =P No assembly, no spotcheck, no boredom, no lepak, no teachers, no books, no papers, no results. hahaha. xp but si en tells me none of the papers are returned today and add maths teacher teaches a little. -,- adui.

But at home, my laziness leads me not to do anything and drags everything behind. So i think, it's actually the same. xp hahaha. after exam, i feel so lifeless. But, during exam, i feel so fed up and stressful somemore. *irony* sigh.

Ummmmm, sister suggests me to write a to-do-list so that i can have aims during the holidays. I tried before, but it's useless. I will still ignore everything. xp hahaha.

I also don't know exactly what i love to do. xp *bang the wall!

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