Monday, November 2, 2009

Exhausted but happy =)

Hahahaha, yesterday went to sunway pyramid with en. =) hehehehe. It was one of the shopping plans after exam. =P hehehehe. Daddy brought us to lunch at emperial. and then, drove us there. xppppppp woohoo !! thank you =) hehehe.

@ catch up.
too blurrr =x

en and I =)

@ aunt anne.

aduiiiiiii, blurr.

Around 5.30pm, we headed to kong hoe by bus. OMG, the bus actually passed by the school, but both of us failed to stop the driver. -,- No choice, went to the school ON FOOT. OMG. -,- so terrible.

It was quite boring at first. Therefore i just randomly took some pictures, but all so blurr. =x Then, an uncle who sat behind me taught me how to use the camera in the right way because we were using the same "dna" of camera. xp wahahaha. so noob lah me. Anyway, there are still friendly and nice people around us. =) hehe.

First picture after i learnt how to take photos.
zzz. xp

Boring boring boring for at least one hour. Then, the concert finally commenced !!! yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa. xp hehehe.

the dancers. they are sooo great! =D
I personally like the second girl from the right, bottom one.

celebrities came on the stage after that.


Andrew chen shi an =)
and the dancer who i personally like so much. I'll call her 'she' because i don't know her name. Paiseh paiseh. xp

stella and andrew. =)

hahaha, a "celebrity" among teachers.

ching =)

deng deng, sorry that i only captured 'her' figure. =)

another celebrity from overseas.


aduiiii xp she looks so cute, isn't she? =)


!!! =D


so CUTE.



All dancers. =D
and spot 'her' xp
ps : i'm NOT lesbian yah. xp

woah. xp

leng zaisss.

OMG, leng lui !!!!!!!!!!! =D

she looks so attractive. xp

sorry lah, i'm not very interested with those singers. =x
forgive me please. -,-

she was dancing with andrew? or john? i think is John. xp

princes charming. =)
Stella, Andrew in the middle and John.

at the very last part.
they are soo great !
they danced from the very first song till the very last song.
Give them a loud applause. xp hehehehe.

stella, bying, john, and ... ? xp

tracy xp

all the dancers, in red ! =D

yeah, pose !

Then, en's mum drove me home. xp hehehehe.
randomly took my sister's picture. =x shhhhh.

Well, a pleasant but exhausting day. xp hehehehehe.

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