Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love my BIG family!

Had our early reunion dinner @ Funa Zushi last saturday night! =) It was awesome.

For the first time I tasted sake, I feel that it's okay lah but my brother said it tasted like thinner! OMG OMG OMG xD

This is my little cutie cousin. She's so adorable .. =D

She has a super cute bag! OMG, cute dao bao zha lah =D

Yor, her pose so cute lor! Before this picture we took one already, but I was the only one posing cheh. Then hor, the second picture she already knew how to imitate my peace! hahahaha, just that she put additional one thumb out. SO CUTE lor! I want to kiss her liao xD macam perempuan miang aje lol. =x

Picture with my sister.

Another cutie little cousin. She is sabahan and chinese mixed! woah, so super cute also lor. I love kids!

But hor, she is so bad one. Didn't want to play with me but my brother. LOL, omg I love this picture! =D

Like papa like daughters. hehehe =)

Finally, with my cousin sister =D hahaha! Actually I took around 124 pictures but out of these, I think I only look OKAY in ONE picture. Maybe none -,- LOL. Anyway, I love my big family!
Lovesss =D

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy =)

Thursday was zhihan's birthday. =) So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl! I hope you really like my little present. hahahahahaha.

All the best! =D


Secondly, I had a hair cut. Um, same pattern but shorter. -,- I memang don't know whether I should cut my fringe short or not. Ugh, dilemma! XP hahaha.


And! Yesterday en photocopied the sejarah nota for me. OMG, it's so good of her. Then during chinese period I felt so bored then wanted to tear a little bit piece of paper to play with lor. Who knows, I so cho lo piaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk! The whole paper was gone. -,-

Sigh, why am I so terrible, horrible and vegetable? =(

The last thing was better =) My brother came back from Penang for the early reunion dinner. Wahahaha, so long time didn't see him already. LOL, saw his hair? Almost botak. XP He kept on asking me not to post any of his pictures up because he felt so ugly in his botak hair. But for me, it's still okay lah. =) Boleh tengok. haha!

that's all!

I'm furious!

Well, kind of lazeeee recently in updating blog. Of course firstly I have nothing to update lah but secondly, I am really lazy lazy lazy.

Yesterday during Biology lesson, suddenly those prefects came in and said "spot check" Shitty! I was not going back after school mar of course I brought handphone lar walao eh so gan jiong. I langsung didn't have the time to find a place to hide my handphone. So, I just stood still and left my place. =x OMG, I really prayed to God that they would NOT find it. And yes, thanks to God, they did not find anything. =P

How lucky was I. But my comb, mirror and chewing gums were confiscated lah nevermind cheap things except for my comb from China. -,- Very expensive lor hmph. No choice went to claim it back from PUSH after school. Bullshit one I hate to see her lah stupid face. -,- Ming ming I was correct but she was so vexatious. Then I stood there talking to her for a long time then finally she gave me my comb bleh =P

Stupid one. Like what Zhi Xiang has said, spot check is definitely a meaningless activity. Stupid stupid stupid. HMPH. *I know I am wrong also but I still very bu shuang =P

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super challenge!

Super challenge! Lol, I don't know challenge what also. Haha =P

Teacher asked me to accompany her to attend this event. Hmm, since I'm free and my mum let me to go, so I agreed.

Well we casted at Sri Petaling omg so sien, needed to travel. =(

艺人嘉宾, 小薇薇! I don't know her actually, but she can sing very well! So great lea =D And she is very very friendly too =) unlike the others. cheh xp
Teacher Dayu with wei wei =)

Teacher Sumiko and the most friendly and nice cameraman were trying to imitate wei wei's peace. XP wahahaha!

Camera Number Three! Nor, this cameraman lah, so nice and friendly =)

This one diam diam aje. =x

Huge puzzles.

Gao ling feng? =P

Teacher Dayu, Xiao Wei Wei, Stupid kelefeh and Teacher Sumiko =D

All the five of us. LOL.

Hahahaha, liang gong po with Xiao Wei Wei =)

So funny I think the man was trying to stuck the mike in Jimmy's pants. =x

Now his turn

Wahahaha, teacher and my little box.

Wei Wei was being very friendly. She taught us how to play and bla bla bla. It was so nice of her =)

They were fixing the puzzles.

And done! This was it!

Well most of the time we were guessing the price of stuffs. Lol, I was so so so so super lousy in this because other than clothes and presents, I shop nothing already. So, I was just memperxiasuikan myself in the game. Yikes! And hor, I don't like to play games one. I told teacher but she said nevermind lah I also don't know play what. So, I also sui bian lorrrrrrrr. -,-

Luckily they didn't keep on NG NG if not I didn't need to go home already. LOL, the night group on saturday casted till 2 o'clock in the morning lor! So kong bu so most of the time we kept our mouths shut so that we didn't interrupt them.

Went home at eleven something at night and reached home about twelve fifteen already. =( so sleepy! But anyway, it was a very new experience for me.

Loves =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ugly street

I witnessed the really ugly street this afternoon.

When I take a bus home, I seldom pay attention to the people on the street. Just daydreaming and pray that there is no traffic jam! hahaha =)

But this afternoon, I saw too much and omg, memang can bu ren du.

First was when YP and I were walking to the bus stop in front of klang parade, there were two buses there. One was already there and the other one just came. Fine we quickly ran because we scared we missed either of them. Who knows, I shouted so loudly at the buses and ran so quickly, the two bus drivers just drove away and a girl in the bus was laughing at us. wth! Couldn't she just press the stop button? mou liong xam. =(

Fine fine, waited for the next one. When we got down from the bus at klang station, omg a man just spit in front of us. YIKES! OMG, I terus turned my head and walk away. OMG OMG OMG geli. Mei you gong de xin. =(

Then when I got a seat in the bus later, omg what I saw was a shit loads of so-called bus tickets stucked in the seat in front of me. Yikes! That was not tong sampah okay!? Couldn't those people differentiate what is tong sampah and what is seat? I memang speechless and these are our people. Bei ai. =(

On the way to aeon, an old man who was carrying a luggage got into the bus and he got no place to sit and he looked so fragile. He nyaris fell also okay. I saw him omg so pity then stood up to let him sit. wah the others memang like bogai and I was so speechless. And these are also our people. super bei ai okay =(

Finally I got down from the bus at the pedestrian brigde in front of aeon. Waseh, no one used the bridge okay!? So I was so curious and looked where were all the other people went. woohoo semua crossing the busy big road under the bridge. Omg I feel so funny lor because there is a pedestrian bridge there! Sigh*

Don't know lah maybe these are just triffling matters for you all but for me, omg I feel so speechless and sad for MOST of our people. Or maybe I am in a not so good mood today so I just want to criticize. XP

For those who are offended, I am sorry and seriously, no offence! =)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Aiya, so lack of time recently! So I just online facebook-ing, twitter-ing which need only a little time. LOL, blogging really takes time.

Hmm, too many homeworks, too many activities, lack of sleep and lack of time. OMG, can I have 48 hours in a day? =( And gerak gempur falls on April mar, so early then all the teachers are pia-ing HMPH. So guo fen!

stupid homeworks

Anyway, I will do my best in form 5 lor. BI SHENG!

And, I need this book desperately! A new one, a clean one. Where can I buy this? So ma fan.

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, feel like screaming out loud lah. =(

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brief update

Hello! =) I'm here again! hahaha.

Nothing for me to update lah. Everyday is the same, told you - wake up, schooling, sleeping, tuition-ing, daydreaming, eating, homeworks-ing, syok sendiri-ing and that's the end of the day! hahaha. Very boring right? Lol, anyone has any idea how to liveabetterway? phew =( I'm such a failure to live like that.

Ah, there is one different in my school life this year. I DO PJ! Can you believe that, omg I really exercise and sweat during PJ class. wahahaha, that's so unbelievable because I never do that in the past. Anyway, that is fun and relaxing =) hehehehe. Usually I just play badminton loh because I am very noob in basketball. hahaha.

And also, I need to say thousand apologies to YJ here. =P Sorry that I dissapointed you. I knew I would piss you off one day. I'm so sorry!

Homeworks are like mountains this year. School + Tuition class. UGH, I particularly hate to do tuition homeworks the most. SO FEI. But I saw GT rotan students so kaolat last week and I'm sacred. =P SO? I am going to do her homeworks every week. EVIL person lah she use this kind of method. Sigh*

Overall, that's it. Nothing much and nothing special. I hope that it would be better anyway =)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Saddening news

I promised myself not to read the news since last few weeks. But I read it just now and was horrified. I feel so sad for the victims and their families. =( How could things come so suddenly?

"Dragon Boat Tragedy: Teacher and student die, 4 missing after training accident" I read the chinese paper, what can I say is just God Bless! =(

God Bless.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Okay firstly, my cell phone is so lao ah pek! So lousy so lousy so louseeeeeeeee. I can't receive any messages or calls now. Only sometimes I can call. The other time, it lags! UGH, so pek cek! so friends, if you need to talk to me, don't text or call me, call my house number.

Secondly, I attended training this afternoon. Um, I have to say thousand sorries here because I overslept AGAIN! xp OMG, I supposed to be at HQ at 9am but I woke up at 11am and reached there at 11.30am. wahahahaha =P I am so sorry! I know I am a pig. Anyway, my first aid and home nursing knowledges are sooo super little now. I don't know how to do everything man. -,- UGH! Pek cek, I AM so LOUSY. Need to start reading the abc again. =(

Anyway, I feel so sad for the Haiti's people. Natural disaster and chaos. God bless!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shopping spree is slightly on

Aunt brought me to shopping at Jusco. =) hehehehe! Actually I didn't really have the mood to shop after the school reopened. But when I started shopping, woohoo, my shopping spree came back!

So erm, due to my limited budget, I only bought one thing and VOIR gave me such a big paper bag! *not plastic bag okay. OMG I felt like I was so funny when she gave me that but I didn't know how to tell her "no need". Aiya nevermind lor, maybe someday I will need it. =P

Um, bought something that I will NOT buy usually. I guessed I let the insanity controlled me. SO CHAM! But I like it lah. =P

Well, went to Aeon at night. Sister bought Tiger Woo Hoo tickets but I couldn't join them because I have something else to do. SIEN lorr. And kailing you know who I met? Hoho you will be super mad at me lah because you want to meet him not me. XP Aiyor don't go crazy okay. =) *Next time you can come to my house one. bwahaha =x

Loves. =)

Old friends

Met with the really OLD friends after school on Wednesday. =) hahahaha. The attendance was not bad, evon, jil, lingjing, zy, eric, rongkai, bk, me myself and CY! haha =D Don't know when is he going back to aus.

A random picture
Had fun!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Big Fat Pig

OMG, I feel like slapping myself today!

I skipped chemistry class because .. I overslept again! OMG. Then jiu suan le. En's mum was fetching me mar, then upon reaching my house she already texted me. I was sleeping, then of course I didn't see the message. Then she gave me 5 miss calls! Usually whenever I hear the ring tone I can wake up one. But don't know why this afternoon I really slept like a PIG.

Yor, so cham. Then she got down from the car and rushed into my room and woke me up. =x Yor, so paiseh lah. I think I let her mum waited long. =( Yorrr yorrr yorr, firstly, I feel so guilty man, for wasting their time. Secondly, I hate myself so much lah, always sleep sleep sleep like a PIG aje. Somemore skipped my important chemistry class. Duh.

He said, "Nevermind lah this is not the first time also." ..... cheh! xD hahahaha. I guess no one dares to fetch me anymore. xp very kaolat lah me!

I am The Big Fat Pig. =(

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sky blue is the new love

Painted our classroom sky blue yesterday. =D hahahaha. There were a lot of work.

Firstly we needed to clean thousand of spider webs. hahahaha *I know I am being a little hyperbola now but there were really a lot!

Then swept the floor and all those normal stuffs which must be done during gotong-royong.

And finally, painting! woohoo. I paint, I couldn't believe that I actually do painting. hahaha. They asked us to paint the original colour back but I didn't know why it turned out to be sky blue. But also nice lah, for me. =)

Oh ya, Mr.Joshua finally changed our classroom tables. OMG finally we have normal tables huh. phew.

Nothing much about yesterday. It was fun but I got a stupid bruise on my wrist. Super painful! =(

Just update for the sake of updating. =P

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learn to love

Firstly, I am currently using maxis broadband to online. OMG, the connection is so slow -,- I prefer streamyx lah. LOL. And, I can't get into my twitter page using this connection. I don't know why. Phew.

Well, in 5s1 for the entire ONE WEEK already. I feel like I should improve myself. I mean, I should learn to love the environment, the class, the teachers, the homeworks, the subjects and the school! LOL. I am thinking if I really dislike everything in this school for one whole year, I suffer and I am wasting a lot of my energy *to complain. =P It's very tiring you know. xp haha. I am so bad. Padan muka saya.

So, I make my decision to love my last year in high school. I am not going to let it go blank, although in some way it is really boring and blank. hahaha.

The other thing is I am losing interest in everything! OMG, I feel like I am so dead, so indifferent. NO NO NO, this is not going to happen. hahaha, really need to improve myself lah stupid me =(

Try to love my tedious form 5 life. hehe =)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School still x

Sigh* School still sucks till now. Everyday I feel so sleepy in the class. Very boring, quiet and lonely sometimes.

Forget about it.

Life changes back to ROUTINE again. Every morning wake up at 5.30am, then go school, sien-ing, come back, tuition or dance classes, do homework, sleep. The next day repeat the same thing again. wth.

I don't know if this will maintain till the end of the year or what. But if yes, I can die liao lah. OMG, sooooo super duper sien.

IDK lah. My temper is bad recently and mood is not very good also. So, life is just so miserable for me now.

. . . . . . . . .

Maybe I should go for a movie tomorrow. =) hahahaha, or shopping? hehehehe. Or hang out with my besties! yeay, that will be the best. =D

Yea, let's imagine!

Daydreaming will be the best thing to do in year 2010.

wahahahahaha -

Monday, January 4, 2010


Okay okay, it's Monday, I have to say.

This morning, He gave me a super morning call in case I overslept lah. XP wahahaha, thank you! Then, quickly fit myself into that OLD pinafore and hopped into the car. Of course lah in between I brushed my teeth, washed my face and ate a pau. LOL.

Reached school. EWWWWW! That would be the first thing I could say. So ew! OMG, my 'new' class was locked! Sucks, we all had to stand outside and wait for so long so long so long. Okay finally we could enter the classroom. OMG, I would call it a JAIL. Have little windows opened, one door (usually have two doors mar, like scare we will ponteng like that phew), spider webs ALL over the ceilings like shit, no tables arranged like the other classes (they somemore have new tables okay =( ) My classroom is like a shit for me! T.T

And, the announcements. Graduation on third of November and SPM on twenty second of November. SHIT. And our gerak gempur one falls on 12th of April! wth so early. I never expect that early lor. Don't know what the hell is that, form 5 life is like an upside down world for me.

I have a new form teacher. I kind of like her. =) hehehe. She is erm, I would say better but the previous one is also good lah =D But, she is strict! She admitted that. OMG, my english will not be easy with her. LOL. My maths teacher is different also. No longer that Mr.Lim Kong Yew but don't know who lah. XP I actually quite like Mr.Lim because he's cute! hahahaha.

Very sleepy in class today. Biology and Sejarah teachers taught. OMG. My afternoon was like hell lor, so super duper sien and I think the oxygen in our classroom is not enough because I feel like fainting. hahaha. Need to gasp some fresh air so whenever there is a chance I will walk out of the class and loiter outside. wahaha. In the morning I nyaris-nyaris met Push and quickly ran back to class, sien.

Sat in the first row in class. SIEN.

So, conclusion? Form 5 life is going to be SIEN like SIEN FISH.

wahahaha, good luck to me! =)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

School's reopening

Sigh! School is reopening tomorrow. I AM SO SAD!

I don't know how lah. Just feel like form 5 will not be a good year for me. Have a real bad intuition. OMG. GOD, help me! =(

I am afraid of SPM. I am afraid of Biology. I am afraid of Chemistry. I am afraid of Physics. I am afraid of Add Maths. I am afraid of graduating!

Phew. I hope that the time could really stop now.

I know studying is an easy thing to do in life. But, still so kang kor lah. =( LOL.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK in form 5 and all the best to me!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 6S

Finally 6s had a gathering! =) hehehe. Thank you to the planner TAN JILYNE and the host HENG WEI LEONG.

I was there very late due to transport problem again. =( Sigh, anyway, chi dao hao guo mei dao. =P

everyone sat in a circle when I first stepped into the house


Yieng shing and Jilyne

SI EN =)

babes! =D

Wei Pin

Brandon was there too
Look at his face, so red!


tracy and I, muahh! =D

Chay Syuen


Chyi Yoong

wahaha. He lost, so he had to drink.

Playing heart attack!

OMG my hand is too short to reach the centre. wth.

okay better now. At least could reach the side.

We were NOT gambling

hehehehehehe, my intimate girlfriends!

group picture

Eric and Kenneth

Lastly, we played dare or dare.
Duh duh. That was a fun night but I accidentallly created an accident. =( I am soo guilty man. =( I hope that she really won't be angry with me lah. I'm sooo sorry! Trillion apologies, really. =(
Anyway, 6s forever =)