Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learn to love

Firstly, I am currently using maxis broadband to online. OMG, the connection is so slow -,- I prefer streamyx lah. LOL. And, I can't get into my twitter page using this connection. I don't know why. Phew.

Well, in 5s1 for the entire ONE WEEK already. I feel like I should improve myself. I mean, I should learn to love the environment, the class, the teachers, the homeworks, the subjects and the school! LOL. I am thinking if I really dislike everything in this school for one whole year, I suffer and I am wasting a lot of my energy *to complain. =P It's very tiring you know. xp haha. I am so bad. Padan muka saya.

So, I make my decision to love my last year in high school. I am not going to let it go blank, although in some way it is really boring and blank. hahaha.

The other thing is I am losing interest in everything! OMG, I feel like I am so dead, so indifferent. NO NO NO, this is not going to happen. hahaha, really need to improve myself lah stupid me =(

Try to love my tedious form 5 life. hehe =)


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