Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super challenge!

Super challenge! Lol, I don't know challenge what also. Haha =P

Teacher asked me to accompany her to attend this event. Hmm, since I'm free and my mum let me to go, so I agreed.

Well we casted at Sri Petaling omg so sien, needed to travel. =(

艺人嘉宾, 小薇薇! I don't know her actually, but she can sing very well! So great lea =D And she is very very friendly too =) unlike the others. cheh xp
Teacher Dayu with wei wei =)

Teacher Sumiko and the most friendly and nice cameraman were trying to imitate wei wei's peace. XP wahahaha!

Camera Number Three! Nor, this cameraman lah, so nice and friendly =)

This one diam diam aje. =x

Huge puzzles.

Gao ling feng? =P

Teacher Dayu, Xiao Wei Wei, Stupid kelefeh and Teacher Sumiko =D

All the five of us. LOL.

Hahahaha, liang gong po with Xiao Wei Wei =)

So funny I think the man was trying to stuck the mike in Jimmy's pants. =x

Now his turn

Wahahaha, teacher and my little box.

Wei Wei was being very friendly. She taught us how to play and bla bla bla. It was so nice of her =)

They were fixing the puzzles.

And done! This was it!

Well most of the time we were guessing the price of stuffs. Lol, I was so so so so super lousy in this because other than clothes and presents, I shop nothing already. So, I was just memperxiasuikan myself in the game. Yikes! And hor, I don't like to play games one. I told teacher but she said nevermind lah I also don't know play what. So, I also sui bian lorrrrrrrr. -,-

Luckily they didn't keep on NG NG if not I didn't need to go home already. LOL, the night group on saturday casted till 2 o'clock in the morning lor! So kong bu so most of the time we kept our mouths shut so that we didn't interrupt them.

Went home at eleven something at night and reached home about twelve fifteen already. =( so sleepy! But anyway, it was a very new experience for me.

Loves =)

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