Saturday, January 2, 2010

My 6S

Finally 6s had a gathering! =) hehehe. Thank you to the planner TAN JILYNE and the host HENG WEI LEONG.

I was there very late due to transport problem again. =( Sigh, anyway, chi dao hao guo mei dao. =P

everyone sat in a circle when I first stepped into the house


Yieng shing and Jilyne

SI EN =)

babes! =D

Wei Pin

Brandon was there too
Look at his face, so red!


tracy and I, muahh! =D

Chay Syuen


Chyi Yoong

wahaha. He lost, so he had to drink.

Playing heart attack!

OMG my hand is too short to reach the centre. wth.

okay better now. At least could reach the side.

We were NOT gambling

hehehehehehe, my intimate girlfriends!

group picture

Eric and Kenneth

Lastly, we played dare or dare.
Duh duh. That was a fun night but I accidentallly created an accident. =( I am soo guilty man. =( I hope that she really won't be angry with me lah. I'm sooo sorry! Trillion apologies, really. =(
Anyway, 6s forever =)

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