Monday, January 4, 2010


Okay okay, it's Monday, I have to say.

This morning, He gave me a super morning call in case I overslept lah. XP wahahaha, thank you! Then, quickly fit myself into that OLD pinafore and hopped into the car. Of course lah in between I brushed my teeth, washed my face and ate a pau. LOL.

Reached school. EWWWWW! That would be the first thing I could say. So ew! OMG, my 'new' class was locked! Sucks, we all had to stand outside and wait for so long so long so long. Okay finally we could enter the classroom. OMG, I would call it a JAIL. Have little windows opened, one door (usually have two doors mar, like scare we will ponteng like that phew), spider webs ALL over the ceilings like shit, no tables arranged like the other classes (they somemore have new tables okay =( ) My classroom is like a shit for me! T.T

And, the announcements. Graduation on third of November and SPM on twenty second of November. SHIT. And our gerak gempur one falls on 12th of April! wth so early. I never expect that early lor. Don't know what the hell is that, form 5 life is like an upside down world for me.

I have a new form teacher. I kind of like her. =) hehehe. She is erm, I would say better but the previous one is also good lah =D But, she is strict! She admitted that. OMG, my english will not be easy with her. LOL. My maths teacher is different also. No longer that Mr.Lim Kong Yew but don't know who lah. XP I actually quite like Mr.Lim because he's cute! hahahaha.

Very sleepy in class today. Biology and Sejarah teachers taught. OMG. My afternoon was like hell lor, so super duper sien and I think the oxygen in our classroom is not enough because I feel like fainting. hahaha. Need to gasp some fresh air so whenever there is a chance I will walk out of the class and loiter outside. wahaha. In the morning I nyaris-nyaris met Push and quickly ran back to class, sien.

Sat in the first row in class. SIEN.

So, conclusion? Form 5 life is going to be SIEN like SIEN FISH.

wahahaha, good luck to me! =)