Monday, January 25, 2010

Ugly street

I witnessed the really ugly street this afternoon.

When I take a bus home, I seldom pay attention to the people on the street. Just daydreaming and pray that there is no traffic jam! hahaha =)

But this afternoon, I saw too much and omg, memang can bu ren du.

First was when YP and I were walking to the bus stop in front of klang parade, there were two buses there. One was already there and the other one just came. Fine we quickly ran because we scared we missed either of them. Who knows, I shouted so loudly at the buses and ran so quickly, the two bus drivers just drove away and a girl in the bus was laughing at us. wth! Couldn't she just press the stop button? mou liong xam. =(

Fine fine, waited for the next one. When we got down from the bus at klang station, omg a man just spit in front of us. YIKES! OMG, I terus turned my head and walk away. OMG OMG OMG geli. Mei you gong de xin. =(

Then when I got a seat in the bus later, omg what I saw was a shit loads of so-called bus tickets stucked in the seat in front of me. Yikes! That was not tong sampah okay!? Couldn't those people differentiate what is tong sampah and what is seat? I memang speechless and these are our people. Bei ai. =(

On the way to aeon, an old man who was carrying a luggage got into the bus and he got no place to sit and he looked so fragile. He nyaris fell also okay. I saw him omg so pity then stood up to let him sit. wah the others memang like bogai and I was so speechless. And these are also our people. super bei ai okay =(

Finally I got down from the bus at the pedestrian brigde in front of aeon. Waseh, no one used the bridge okay!? So I was so curious and looked where were all the other people went. woohoo semua crossing the busy big road under the bridge. Omg I feel so funny lor because there is a pedestrian bridge there! Sigh*

Don't know lah maybe these are just triffling matters for you all but for me, omg I feel so speechless and sad for MOST of our people. Or maybe I am in a not so good mood today so I just want to criticize. XP

For those who are offended, I am sorry and seriously, no offence! =)

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