Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love my BIG family!

Had our early reunion dinner @ Funa Zushi last saturday night! =) It was awesome.

For the first time I tasted sake, I feel that it's okay lah but my brother said it tasted like thinner! OMG OMG OMG xD

This is my little cutie cousin. She's so adorable .. =D

She has a super cute bag! OMG, cute dao bao zha lah =D

Yor, her pose so cute lor! Before this picture we took one already, but I was the only one posing cheh. Then hor, the second picture she already knew how to imitate my peace! hahahaha, just that she put additional one thumb out. SO CUTE lor! I want to kiss her liao xD macam perempuan miang aje lol. =x

Picture with my sister.

Another cutie little cousin. She is sabahan and chinese mixed! woah, so super cute also lor. I love kids!

But hor, she is so bad one. Didn't want to play with me but my brother. LOL, omg I love this picture! =D

Like papa like daughters. hehehe =)

Finally, with my cousin sister =D hahaha! Actually I took around 124 pictures but out of these, I think I only look OKAY in ONE picture. Maybe none -,- LOL. Anyway, I love my big family!
Lovesss =D

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