Friday, April 30, 2010

Kiam Pui Kiam Pui


I am doing sports lately.
Badminton, Swimming, Dancing.

Ah, I hope I boleh kiam pui lah :P

Don't tell me that I am not fat lor.
Yes, maybe I am not that fat but I am fatter compared to last time.
A lot of my clothes are very tight already.
Especially the dresses. OhMiGosh. X)


En's Big Day!

24th of April was en's birthday. ;)

Made a present for her.

Took a picture in class.
The card was made by Sze Chin :) so nice, and huge!
from left, me, en, craze and bying!

After recess, took a 6s group picture :)
not all of you came but, still very nice lah. hehe.

After school, we went for a lunch @ sabi wasabi.
our girls' favourite.
None of the guys turned up, so three of us just enjoyed ourselves lah! :P

The birthday Girl.

crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xp

and I!

1# The first dish.
I don't eat sashimi!
so two of them finished the whole thing ;P

After long seeing them eating, I decided to give it a try.
OMG, so kan cheong.
Later not nice then wasted liao.

Okay, I really feel that sashimi is very GELI, I don't like!
but I forced myself to swallow the whole thing because it was very rude to spit it out.


This was super yum!



7# Temaki!

8# 9#
Unagi softshell and Klang maki!
mine and tracy's favourite. :)

Black Sesame ice-cream
It's quite special, and yummy!

ME, EN, and CRAZE!



Before we left,
took a picture first! hahahaha

The birthday Girl! hehehehehe.
Finally you are seventeen, must be more mature liao loh!

Had a real nice day with them ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

They are the reasons

why I love family gathering! =DDDDD

she's half sabahan, half chinese =)

so cute princess =)

Her jie jie, very pretty one x)

my sister, super sampat one.

my brother, super naughty.

Ah, I just love kids!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Charity Dinner

He bought me a rose that night


it died the next morning! hahahaha.

Overall, the charity dinner was okay =)

I did enjoyed myself.

Happy Seventeen!

Happy Birthday to you!

my beloved =)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Craze Sister

little sister's birthday was in last month.
I forget to post her birthday entry.

She insisted for a pair of earrings.
And, she had chosen a HOT CHILLI one.

She didn't want ice-cream cake but ice-cream from New Zealand Natural.
Her favourite flavour is Rocky Road.

Celebrated her birthday at home.
ah, I thought I saw lin da lang behind her on the screen!?

making a wish.
*yea, I confirm it was hai pai tian xin!*

ISH, cut the cake before blowing.
speechless lah like never celebrated birthday before.

what expression was this!?

Told you she's a crazy person.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day?

422, one of my favourite days. =)

People who knew me know why. hahahahahaha.

I am not going to mention here.

Today is EARTH DAY! =)
And, sejarah day. -,-

Now let's talk about my sejarah first.
I really want to THANK GOD so much!
I only read form 4 bab 1 to bab 5.
And I thought that I am going to fail because I sure don't know how to do half of it.
But who knows, it only comes out the first five chapters!
OMG, so am gong, thank you so much GOD =)
Maybe I can get a B?
LOL, hopefully =)

Earth Day,

It's a good day! =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Am having Gerak Gempur so called ITEM berfokus or LATIHAN berfokus.
So why makes it like a formal examination wor?
I don't understand lah.
Have nothing to do wanna pressure us lah. ISH.

Everyday study like hell.
Actually I wouldn't do so but my classmates are influencing me. x)
don't know this is good or bad.
But woah, they are so pia man -,-
I feel the tension.

So, I must also work hard.
But I already give up on one subject, SIJAKLAH.
I don't know how to study that at the very last minute lah.
So much to read, boleh jadi gila tau =(


Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Awful

Yesterday night I went to bed at 2 something.

That was normal I supposed.

But this morning, once I reached the school, the class door was not opened yet!

I was soooooo sleepy I went straight to kc's class and simply got a seat then slept.

I thought I must be very "freshy" after sleeping.

OMG, no lor.

Went to lab for experiments for two periods.

Came back to class, slept for three damn periods.

Woke up for recess.

After recess, I still could tahan for the first period.

Then slowly, I felt soo sleepy.

POM, slept for another three long hours until 12.55pm.

I was too sleepy to wake up.

So I thought of sleeping again after I get home. Hahahaha.


skip grace tay's class! =x

OMG, that's the worst idea ever.

I shouldn't think like that, the stupid Item Berfokus is on next week and I think I should practise on my karangan. -,-

how can I be so awful?
sleeping ugly

Friday, April 9, 2010

I think I know

what to do!

The best thing would be,


I trust my heart that she won't guide me the wrong way.

And, I'll be much happier with that.

I thought too much the other day.

It's simple.

Laugh more, frown less.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I don't know what to do

Because I cannot see the point.

I don't know how to think.

I am desperate.

I don't know what should I do.

I can't choose what I want.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Last Sport's Day

was not very fun.
Hahahaha, I know it shouldn't be like that.
But, it was like that.
Anyway, I was happy too! =)

The rumah Ds.

En and I!


Me, En, Tracy!

MUN JIE! So pretty lor she =D


BKEE =) Super leng lui.


Both of them are in Rumah D so sad. XP
Van is in rumah A but she's not with me. LOL.

Miss Rumah C. She's very gorgeous =D

Erhem, I am not a Rumah D lah.

Pretties together

Chuan Liong said he was very xing fu -,-


All the S6-rians.

Yinyee and I =)
Very paiseh to stand beside her actually =P

Pjing and Bkee!

Pjing and I!

Eric and I! RUMAH A!

Zh. Me.

6s, s1-rians.

My girls!

* * *

Nothing much about this entry.
Just want to share some pictures here.

Although this was the last sport's day in my high school,
I already tried to enjoy myself to the maximum.
Hahahahaha, I was satisfied lah.

By the way,
a very BIG congratulations to Rumah E, especially my Kher Ching!
They got number ONE, CHAMPION. hahaha =)

But still,