Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Awful

Yesterday night I went to bed at 2 something.

That was normal I supposed.

But this morning, once I reached the school, the class door was not opened yet!

I was soooooo sleepy I went straight to kc's class and simply got a seat then slept.

I thought I must be very "freshy" after sleeping.

OMG, no lor.

Went to lab for experiments for two periods.

Came back to class, slept for three damn periods.

Woke up for recess.

After recess, I still could tahan for the first period.

Then slowly, I felt soo sleepy.

POM, slept for another three long hours until 12.55pm.

I was too sleepy to wake up.

So I thought of sleeping again after I get home. Hahahaha.


skip grace tay's class! =x

OMG, that's the worst idea ever.

I shouldn't think like that, the stupid Item Berfokus is on next week and I think I should practise on my karangan. -,-

how can I be so awful?
sleeping ugly

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