Monday, March 29, 2010


16th March
I was waiting for them for hours in the morning.
So, went to kill my time at NEW ZEALAND NATURAL! =)

Finally, they came =)
The Buddies!
Hahahaha, nothing much to describe.
We were just having fun!

I love you, you love me, we are happy family! =)
Too bad bk couldn't make it there, because he was very ill. ISH.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

I thought it marks The End

14th March.
This is me, during the state competition.

I represented KPS to participate in the state competition AGAIN this year. Well, I did very badly seriously. So, it was their bad luck to have me representing the area. LOL.

Anyway, we managed to grab two silvers. One was for home nursing and another was FOOT DRILL! Wow, how amazing can you believe that? I can't. I was so awful during kawad kaki. hahahaha.

We never got any gold, BUT, we got the overall champion. How surprising, even the officers never thought of that. At first when the officer announced the overall champion for nursing adult was us, I couldn't believe my ears. I thought he announced wrongly or what but he didn't.

Soooo ... that's the ending.

One more National Competition to go, but I still think that I am awful.

So, I decide to quit. =)

Should I do that?

13th March

sorry about the picture but I find it very cute seriously! =)
Okay, that was on 13th march, his birthday!
He was sick the day before his birthday therefore we just simply celebrated.



Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Although it's a belated entry, I still want to wish ...

Vanessa my da jie Happy Birthday! =D

Eric the charcoal Happy Birthday! =D

Yungwen, Bk, Zhangyik Happy Happy Happy Birthday Birthday Birthday! =D

My cutie lil sis Happy Birthday! =D

And lastly my papa Happy Birthday! =D

Oh ya, and also ...

Hui Yean, Happy Birthday! =)
Ah Khim, Happy Birthday! =)
Brandon, Happy Birthday! =)

LOL, don't know what to say other than Happy Birthdays. hahahaha.

It's the birthday month!


I'm back!

Hohohoho, the sleep pig is back! hahaha.

School reopens, so sad. During the holiday, I WAS so happy. Everyday no homeworks, no pressure, no rushing, just outings and events! yeayy =) Even when I went to tuition classes, I was not serious at all also. Hahahaha. Nevermind lah, I guess alfred really bo song me liao. -,- But, not many people song me also lah. I always like ji pi gu talk so much, even I also bo song myself liao -,- ISH.

Will blog about my holiday when I am not staying back after school. =)

Don't know is there anybody STILL here? hahahaha.

My blog is rusting.

I am a siao zha bor.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Holiday? No

Haih, March holiday is here. Only for ONE week. where got enough!

I think for almost all my friends, we will be much busier in this holiday than in usual school day. Hate it. I have no time to rest. I want to go shopping, to release my tension, to do some sports or play some games. But, no time.

Actually we can't say that we have no time, just maybe we do not know how to arrange our time properly? but, how to arrange! Everything pack together ..... and become a mess! Ish. I just wish that we could have 50 hours in a day. That should be enough. XD

Anyway, I'll try not to tense myself up before I kill someone.

* *
Hmmm, En and Kherching are having their piano theory exam on Monday. GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST to you two! =) hahahaha, you are great, trust yourself and do your best. =)

Signing off. Nanti ada tuisyen. DUHHHHH.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hopeless Fellow

Mr.Alfred said that I am a hopeless fellow! XD hahaha, and, I agree with him actually.

He told my sister that I never attend his classes yesterday. Then my sister told him I overslept AGAIN lor. He asked my sister to buy me an alarm clock. Memang no hope liao lah that hopeless fellow. XD LOL.

Sigh* I don't know how already lah, always sleep sleep sleep in the afternoon. And usually terus sleep till 6 or 7pm. I memang hate myself! Why am I so pig? Chemistry and physics are important and hard subjects and I always skip his classes. Don't know what the hell am I doing also.

At first I decided not to sleep on every Tuesday and Friday, just because I don't want to skip classes again after chinese new year. This year is SPM year. I cannot do things like what I did in the past few years. Even my mom also very kan cheong about my SPM, somemore more kan cheong than I do. Last time when I skipped classes she langsung have no comment. Now, she starts to nag me everytime when I oversleep, or try to skip tuition classes. ISH.

WTH. This year is really a stupid year.

I don't know how to live through this lah.


Monday, March 8, 2010

It's my disaster

Sigh, March ar March.

I don't really like this month. I don't know why. I feel pressurized.

First, I know I definitely can't do well in that se tu piak competition. But, I still need to go for it. I don't know lah. Hate to do something that I don't like and I can't put hundred percent of my effort in. I'm sorry. I know most of my team mates are having the same thinking as mine, but they perform much better than I do. That's a good thing though.

Ballet exam is around the corner also. I know I have mentioned that don't know when. I feel scared lah. Since I entered primary school, my grades deteriorated every year. From high distinction to distinction, then to credit ....... at last I only get a PASS. ISH, then from that moment onwards, I stopped all my classes till now. It has been so long, I think about nine years already. And now, it suddenly comes back, aiya I don't know how lah. I just don't want to waste my mum's money, like what I did ten years ago in my piano examination. hahahahahaha. I can't mention it here, because people will throw me rotten eggs, seriously!

Performance is also in March. This time I am not with en =( SO SAD! I think I will be very lonely till death. Everytime I count on her a lot. Suddenly she's not with me, yerrrrrrrrrrrrr. Later no sien also very sien. XD

I have been in NO good mood these days. I am sorry to everyone especially him because I am really fierce. hahahaha. I also feel that I am very "lancy" <----- just wanted to spell better. NO OFFENCE! Maybe some people already bu shuang me, hahaha. don't care lah. Everything I did is done. =x

I'm sorry.

Friday, March 5, 2010


School today is quite okay.


Most of my classmates went out for that workshop already. My class left only 6 person, and only two girls. -,- ISH. At first I thought it will be very boring, but after that I realized it was not bad because the class was really really quiet! hahaha. So peaceful so I could finish my karangan umum in time. phew.

Then was recess.

After recess I continued with my karangan rangsangan. ISH felt so sleepy lorr. I couldn't even write two paragraphs then fell asleep already. So quiet, so cold, so nice to sleep! hahahaha =)

Ah, I also decorated my table today. Um, not decorated lah, just .... I also don't know how to say. Because I don't have much 艺术天分, so just simply sticked photos NOT in order -,-

Peace =)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sigh, I need to get a taylor. But she's there somewhere OUTSIDE my house. And, it's too dangerous for me to walk there. So, I just simply need a car or a person who can fetch me there.

OMG, is it so hard? I really don't know lah. I also don't want to bother you what but it's urgent. -,- Everytime I take a bus home because I don't want to ma fan anyone to get themselves caught in the bad traffic jam just to come and fetch me.

Now I just need someone to fetch me, somemore so near. It is so hard? UGH.

I really don't understand lah. I don't understand how is the life of a super busy person.

* * * *

Tomorrow school is organizing a leadership workshop I think, for all the leaders. hahaha =) Fortunately, I am not involved. And 29 of my classmates will be out of class tomorrow! And I think some of the remaining will be absent too. =P hahahaha, if too little of us are staying in class, then teachers may not be teaching! Yeehaa XP that's what I want. I need some time to complete my stupid karangan umum.


And a good news here, I didn't sleep for even a second in class today! hahahahahaha =) what a miracle omg I really can do that. XP that's too good for me. Sorry but I am too happy to post this in my facebook and my twitter as well. wahahaha! You can just ignore me lah of course.

I love to syok sendiri.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3rd of March

This is a nice date!

My aunty mimi just gave birth to a baby girl this morning =) hehehehe. SO happy for her! Went to visit her in the hospital just now. All my relatives were there and everyone was very happy discussing what name should be given to that new born =)

So happy! =)

* * * *

Hmm, life is no fun but hectic and tiring recently. Ish, I thought I can handle for at least the first three days of the week. Who knows, I sudah tak boleh tahan on Tuesday. =(

My ballet exam is around the corner, so more practice for me. My performance also falls on March holy day, so more and more practices. St.John camp is on the 17th, need to prepare for that too. That stupid UB is on next week pulak lah. Yea, I know it is not important but I also don't want any fail. I am not that kind of genius who can score very well even if they don't read that much. I just aim for a simple A. So, I have to give some effort on that stupid thing.

Whoopsy, forget about something, that is my state competition. -,- Ish, so, longer hours of traning lor. =( I know I am going to lose this time, but I am totally fine with it. Just that, I hate disappointment. SORRY.

And and and, his birthday falls in the middle of the month pulak! Ish, need to crack my mind again lor. -,- Not only his, somemore got vanessa, yungwen, eric, huey khim, brandon, hui yean, zhang yik, sista and papa! Wow, March is really LIVELY! hahahaha =) So many of my friends' birthdays. =)