Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sigh, I need to get a taylor. But she's there somewhere OUTSIDE my house. And, it's too dangerous for me to walk there. So, I just simply need a car or a person who can fetch me there.

OMG, is it so hard? I really don't know lah. I also don't want to bother you what but it's urgent. -,- Everytime I take a bus home because I don't want to ma fan anyone to get themselves caught in the bad traffic jam just to come and fetch me.

Now I just need someone to fetch me, somemore so near. It is so hard? UGH.

I really don't understand lah. I don't understand how is the life of a super busy person.

* * * *

Tomorrow school is organizing a leadership workshop I think, for all the leaders. hahaha =) Fortunately, I am not involved. And 29 of my classmates will be out of class tomorrow! And I think some of the remaining will be absent too. =P hahahaha, if too little of us are staying in class, then teachers may not be teaching! Yeehaa XP that's what I want. I need some time to complete my stupid karangan umum.


And a good news here, I didn't sleep for even a second in class today! hahahahahaha =) what a miracle omg I really can do that. XP that's too good for me. Sorry but I am too happy to post this in my facebook and my twitter as well. wahahaha! You can just ignore me lah of course.

I love to syok sendiri.

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