Monday, March 8, 2010

It's my disaster

Sigh, March ar March.

I don't really like this month. I don't know why. I feel pressurized.

First, I know I definitely can't do well in that se tu piak competition. But, I still need to go for it. I don't know lah. Hate to do something that I don't like and I can't put hundred percent of my effort in. I'm sorry. I know most of my team mates are having the same thinking as mine, but they perform much better than I do. That's a good thing though.

Ballet exam is around the corner also. I know I have mentioned that don't know when. I feel scared lah. Since I entered primary school, my grades deteriorated every year. From high distinction to distinction, then to credit ....... at last I only get a PASS. ISH, then from that moment onwards, I stopped all my classes till now. It has been so long, I think about nine years already. And now, it suddenly comes back, aiya I don't know how lah. I just don't want to waste my mum's money, like what I did ten years ago in my piano examination. hahahahahaha. I can't mention it here, because people will throw me rotten eggs, seriously!

Performance is also in March. This time I am not with en =( SO SAD! I think I will be very lonely till death. Everytime I count on her a lot. Suddenly she's not with me, yerrrrrrrrrrrrr. Later no sien also very sien. XD

I have been in NO good mood these days. I am sorry to everyone especially him because I am really fierce. hahahaha. I also feel that I am very "lancy" <----- just wanted to spell better. NO OFFENCE! Maybe some people already bu shuang me, hahaha. don't care lah. Everything I did is done. =x

I'm sorry.

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